Mixtape Review – Mover – Ouch Chea vol 2


By Georgina


2 Apr 2013

East London rapper Mover has released the much anticipated Ouch Chea Volume 2 mixtape, hosted by DJ Limelight. The 27 track mixtape features a whole load of bangers including a cover of Adele’s Hometown plus an exclusive freestyle from Major.

The second track on the mixtape, Feds on my Case explains itself in the name and the hard-hitting bars define the message in the song:

Feds on my case tryna bag me again / Feds in my lane got me paranoid

The song has got another message in it and its about fake friends snitching:

Everyones a G until a body gets dropped and a yout starts snitchin’

Mover also speaks on his close-knit circle:

On my hands I can count all the real G’s left

I remember sends out a clear message that money is the motive; the first line stating ‘I know ma hearts on the money’ and further on in the track he drops the lines ‘Them man are lookin pissed there, I’m wearing what they wore to the rave as my gym wear’ and ‘If he knew how much my trousers cost, he wouldn’t talk to me about scrilla in that Ralphy top’.

Major HMP Freestyle and Mover’s cover of Hometown follow. Many UK artists have done this cover and in my opinion Mover is up there with the best bunch. He speaks the difficulties with hustling along in the UK music industry:

They see me in the vids and think its rose and sweet, but every other day we gota roll with the heat

He also states how the police are trying to lock up his whole camp, and that they have at least 20 of his friends in jail.

Although the majority if the songs on the mixtape are solo, Mover has hooked up with a healthy amount of artists inclusing songs such as Goodman Move ft Don E, Cheeko and Daff’ and Time to Waste ft Kemo, which speaks on the area the artists live in. Mover and Kemo talk about things you can expect in the hood: ‘I’m in it to survive, you’re in it for the fashion’, suggesting that too many younger people are getting into the hood life because other people are in it whereas he’s in it because he has to be. Another line about the hood is ‘I’m talking bout the hard days, youngers getting shifted for the class A’.

Only You ft Tilly Rae is a song for the females and is about women staying loyal to their man. Understand ft Trix is a song about the struggle he goes through, trying to get them to understand what he’s been through in his life. Slipping ft Daff Slugs is self explanatory; the title explains itself and its about not wanting to get caught clipping in the hood. Finally Money Comes Fast ft Kemo, Enzo, Fatal, Turbo and G28 is self explanatory and is all about money, from making money on the roads to showing off their money in the clubs through clothes and popping bottles.

This is the first I have heard of the East London rapper and I can truthfully say I rate him and think he has a lot of talent. His flow, his content and his delivery are all on point and the instrumentals he uses are perfect for the content on each different track. I strongly suggest you have a listen to this mixtape and take in the raw talent from Mover and his supporting artists.


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