Mixtape Review: PW – New Kid On The Block

DJ Kenny Allstar

By DJ Kenny Allstar

DJ Kenny Allstar

7 Nov 2011

‘New kid on the Mixtape block’

What’s good people, no introductions needed, I’m far from a new boy on the Mixtape blocks. However I am back with someone who is. PW aka Akheim Allen has burst through the Mixtape world with a powerful Mixtape entitled ‘New kid on the block’ this debut CD is undoubtedly one to watch on the chart. I am a huge fan of up and coming talent, so when I hear a multi-talented artist that can rap and sing, pleasing the ears of males and females all ages it brings me to tears literally.

I must say the beginning of the tape definitely caught me by surprise, with new artists we tend to hear long boring welcome messages outlining what type of artist they are as if it were a BBC Breakfast interview, but not PW this guy is different, no intro, no interlude or hosting straight to the point letting his music do the talking. I LOVE IT.

When listening through the tape a few times I felt like I was listening to Wizzy wow, especially when you observe the hooks on some of the tracks as well as the beat selection, it’s really appealing to those who enjoy inspirational music. The only constructive criticism I can give in contrast to this point is, ENERGY we need some energy for those listeners who are into a more upbeat feel to their music selection but I’m sure we will hear loads more powerful material from PW to hit the clubs no doubt.

My favorite song off the Mixtape has to be track 7. ‘All types of girls’, all types of girls is a phenomenal tune which I as a man of quality can relate to, he even had a feature from poet which nearly killed me through sheer laughter. YOU TINK BOUT THAT LOL. Please guys I would urge all you fantastic Mixtape lovers to download this tape.

9/10 pure ‘MADNESS’ Remember DJ Kenny Said That

PW - New Kid On The Block

Following on from the great responses to ‘W.I.N.N.E.R’, ‘Sensible’ and ‘NKOTB’,rapper PW, aka Akheim Allen unleashes debut mixtape ‘NKOTB’ (New Kid On The Block)that firmly ensures he is one to look out for.

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