Mixtape Review: Showerz – Sunday Christmas Special


By Georgina


27 Dec 2011

I’m loving this one – you’d never guess that East London boy Showerz is just sixteen. After having listened to his mixtape, Sunday Christmas Special, I’ve come to the conclusion that this deceptively young MC has the ultimate potential to shake up the UK urban scene for the better. Having already featured on an SBTV Warm Up Session in November 2010, and on Link Up TV in April this year, he is ready to attempt world domination…

Opening with H.A.M, a four and a half minute track against a grimey beat, Showerz doesn’t hold back in telling the UK who he is. It’s a banger of an opener, yet risky to introduce himself on such a comparatively long track. However, it works, as it’s left me wanting to hear more….and more. The second track is the aforementioned SBTV Warm Up Session recorded just over a year ago, where he states that “I’m just a kid who dreamed bigger than the rest” in the opening line. I love the authenticity of the track; obviously no real production has gone into the song as it was filmed live, and Showerz states, “let the music talk” – and it does. It’s delivered with emotion and passion and I’m loving his mature approach to life: “I’ve got big dreams and I’m trying to walk a clear road, but there’s always obstacles in my path; I’m a winner it’s impossible to be lost”.

I Do It is an equally passionate track and I am impressed with Showerz’s delivery and flow, and the production is quality. I really love the lyric: “I must admit I’m kinda high but it’s a natural one, and before I die I’m gonna have some fun”. The following track is called Luxury Living and the subject matter doesn’t need much introduction. I love the confidence and boldness of the lyrics – and Showerz cheekily adds that “I guess there’s nothing wrong with having a taste for the finer things in life”, and who’s to argue?

The familiar sound of Chris Brown’s Deuces reaches my ears next, and Showerz states that he is putting up his deuces to the world, where we’re given a look into the life of the MC: “nothing but a young man on a mission, we’re all in the same game – I just choose to play different”. The next track is the Link Up TV Behind Barz freestyle. This is my favourite track so far. The beat is sick and I love Showerz’s confident delivery and flow, and his inspirational outlook: “it’s not where I’m at it’s where I’m going to, look in the mirror say it’s only you, you can do what you do”. His ‘take it on the chin’ attitude is attractive and dignified.

The following track is against a very popular beat used on many mixtapes this year – can anyone guess what it is? Well, it’s OTIS, so no introductions are really needed. Showerz sounds like an experienced artist, rapping against the complex beat with no error. His wordplay is probably the best so far on the mixtape and I’m loving the cheeky boy image he seems to be adopting in this track. Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Jagger is the next track to be sampled for a freestyle, and despite not being so keen on the original track, I’m liking the personality that comes through on this track, keeping in with the theme of not letting the ‘haters’ get to him.

Street Starz Spotlight is another Warm Up Session style track, recorded for a music blog earlier in December, where the focus on Showerz’s talent for clever wordplay alongside his seemingly favourite theme of making it big in the industry while making the most of his life despite being so young. Wonderman follows, which is a rap over Tinie Tempah’s track of the same name. I love this one; I wonder if the mixtape could have been named after this track as it would be a brilliant lead track, and it seems that Showerz is a bit of a wonderman himself!

Remember Me features Keylo and samples Kelly Rowland’s Motivation. The subject matter couldn’t get further from the original version though, and does what it says on the tin. The MCs work well together, and have done many collaborations from my research on YouTube – well worth looking them up. The next track is from Link Up TV again, and is another emotional look into Showers’z mind as an aspiring young rapper. His talent for authentic delivery is again displayed in this outpour of thoughts on life and the music industry.

Another rap over an established track, Showerz’s version of Dreams Money Can Buy is probably my favourite that I’ve heard so far. He displays his mature outlook on life perfectly, with some thought provoking bars: “they say time is man’s worst enemy, I’m gonna bring to life every dream that I’ve ever dreamed”. I’m left feeling inspired after having listened to this track a couple of times and I’m a bit gutted that there are only two tracks left on the mixtape, as I feel that Showerz has a lot more to give!

Moving on, Toast For Life is a gorgeous track – the beat is haunting yet chilled out and the lyrics are again quite insightful into the mind of this MC. The mixtape ends on an uplifting note, with Time Of My Life. The track has a more authentic hip-hop feel and the lyrics are sure to raise spirits: “I’m having the time of my life, late nights early mornings, you can see it in my eyes […] yeah I know I gotta die, but I know I gotta live”.

Overall, Showerz seems to have a great work ethic and a very positive outlook on life, and this is most definitely reflected in his bars in each and every track. His subject matter doesn’t vary too much and stays within the boundaries of life experiences, which, at sixteen, are going to be somewhat limited. However, it’s a pleasant surprise from what I was expecting from an average sixteen year old boy’s mind – no further words needed! Each negative statement is cancelled out with a positive remark; Showerz’s outlook is extremely mature and composed, and his determination to make it to the top will surely get him far. I predict big movements in 2012.


But check out Showerz for yourself and let us know your thoughts!!!

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