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Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

3 Jul 2015

2009 Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 1st African American president, Chip was called Chipmunk and charted at number 2 in the UK albums chart and the rest of us were knee deep in a recession. This last fact of course could explain why P Money decided to release “Money Over Everyone” in that year. This was the last time P Money dropped a 20 track plus mixtape as a standalone artist. Which featured innovative pure Grime tracks such as “Fruits and Veg” and the nostalgic Super Mario inspired “1 Up”. Such clever whitty metaphors, “I am not doing it to impress princess, I’m doing it to fully bad up bowser”. For me this was his defining mixtape that told me he was much more than just an MC who sounded hard on sets, he was an artist. Since then of course P Money’s career in music has gone from strength to strength from Grime to Drum and Bass to shutting down festivals or shutting down heavyweight MCs careers. So fast forward to 2015, 7 years later P drops the sequel but is he still hungry? Has he lost his raw edge?

P Money kicks off the mixtape with “Sounds and Gimmicks”, it is more of an introductory track reminding all that P Money is an avant-garde via taking other UK artists ablibs and sound effects to deliver a humorous and cheeky track. Although I don’t feel the beat married with the concept. In contrast the following track produced by Khan, Neek and Plastician fits like a hand to a glove. The listener is taken on a journey on the 75 which displays, “who’s in charge” with a commanding flow which almost makes you feel like you are at a set. “I ain’t your average Joe yeah I might end with Joe but I start with G.I, off shows I make doe your on the phone still trying to get your PPI” #Bar

This year has been the year of war dubs but please believe me that “Crushed” is the best diss track I have heard this year (across any genre). Banter is definitely P Money’s forte but he wasn’t joking when he titled the track “crushed”, not ruling out the opposition though because this, after all is the most unpredictable scene in music.

That ain’t a German whip its French, seat belt f*c*ed and the gear sticks dench, clutch is f’d and petrols red, car full of crumbs and the boot is a mess, whinding the window down with a wrench, whinding the window down with a wrench, how can your back seat go down like bench, went in skinny got in your car turn the wheel once and came out hench // Man said he shots boxes, who the fu*k said he shots boxes, look at him do you think he shots boxes, do you know how much a box is? knotted up weed terracotta cloth through a shirt holes in socks skid mark in his boxers, do you really think he shots boxes, blud do you wanna know what he meant by boxes, he was on about x-boxes, TV, mirowaves yeah them boxes, kettles, foreman grill yeah them boxes, he was in Argos stamping on, stamping on, stamping on BOXES, he weren’t carrying bodies, just boxes, he was in a warehouse stamping on boxes, thats what he meant by mashing boxes boxes

Royal T and P Money’s chemistry is undeniable on shottas, which straight way takes you into a rave with high tempo, energy infused banger. The link up with Saf One, Deadly and Blacks on a mystic chimes ghastly sounding constructed beat Roll Up is definitely a tune you could zone out to and spin in your whip. No Hook was a nice track but I felt it was a bit of place like Angel performing that beautiful song “Wonderful” at a boxing match. This track felt like it belonged to a 67 and Section Boyz mixtape and it really slowed down the momentum of the mixtape. This of course is restored by Over & Over which a traditional Ogz banger, which despite the singer on the hook is a track of many layers that touch various aspects of life’s repetitive nature in “road life” inner city environments. If your going to get Sir Sypro remix to a grime classic, then your going to need a grime veteran to bless the beat, which is exactly what Footsie and D Double E do on the Sounds of the Sir.

Fun one is another stand out track on the mixtape that I had to reload a few times for this satirical skippy flow tune. Plus we discover one battle P Money won’t and thats on the crazy golf course. P Money is not a quote on quote conscious artist but he is an artist with integrity and standards, which is why he doesn’t use the n-word on the track. “My Lingo” addresses those who don’t possess any integrity, standards and more importantly substance beyond materialistic concepts. Heavy Trackerz “Feel My Bass” to Rapid’s “Pepper Riddem” really do bring out a top form P Money. I think Splurgeboys “Money” tune brings P Money out his comfort zone but it works and he is talking wealth, whilst showcasing some of his life accomplishments.

“Yearrh” brings out the violins and P brings out a fast paced yet clear diction when he flows, which again highlights his diversity in delivery. P continues to have fun on “Pressurized”, the dynamic, heavy bassline and harpsichord sounding beat is another reload, “Trying to get house to big to call a home

“Bandit” sees P link up with Desparado on a krud tip. Desparado is a flow master and this track is a reminder of much talent has come out of the Blue Borough. “Bags Under My Eyes” another satirical track aimed at rappers who reckon their “well ‘ard”. “You Know Me” is a nice reminder of how far and strong the OGz, original Godz are as a unit, Jendor is still one of the most underrated artist on the scene. P Money takes us into deeper gear on “There For You” but its just a shame the track is merely a snippet.

Very impressive body of work that could have in all honesty been skimmed to 16 tracks. That said P Money solidifies why he is a pure heavyweight artist, with no pop sell out wack bones in his body.

Favourite track: Depending on the time of day will swing between Who’s in charge, My Lingo, Crushed, Fun One or Feel My Bass.

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