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By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

26 May 2015

Newham Generals – N To The G’s (EP Review)

The Grime scene brought us a new  way of expressing ourselves and has been the genre that has been relatable for a majority of people in the UK. The Grime scene has been restored to its full glory and no longer just resides in the UK. Grime is a worldwide genre that has influenced many of the genres you hear today. With the resurrection of Grime it has brought us new household artists that define Grime for the gritty, competitive nature of the genre. It seems that Grime has finally achieved the recognition it deserves.

However, with every great idea there is always a collective of pioneers that helped push the dream forward. The duo that first comes to mind is Footsie and D Double E otherwise known as the Newham Generals. These two artists have been musically active for a number of years and have gained legendary status for their dedication to the genre. D Double E is every MC’s favourite MC with his comical lyrics and unique flow and Footsie is responsible for many Grime classics.

Fast forward to 2015 and the Newham Generals is better than ever in their latest EP entitled ‘N To The G’s’. With the combination of experimental sounds the Newham Generals has teamed up with a vivid variety of producers including: Taiki Nulight, My Nu Leng, Sukh Knight and BBC Radio 1’s very own Toddla T. With the five track EP that is Grime, Bass and Dubstep influenced, is ‘N To The G’s’ a celebratory project to praise the Grime scene?

The EP begins with “Levels” a Dubstep/Dance inspired sound which is catered for the rave scene. D Double E and Footsie drops lyrics back to back on a heavy baseline track. The experimental sound of the production complemented with the traditional grime flow of D Double E and Footsie gives us the best of both worlds.

“Bang Boy” featuring Brakeman and Chronic is on the other side of the spectrum compared to the first track as the bass bumping track is a true Grime track with a more ferocious production. With a catchy hook from Brakeman and the lyrical content of D double E, Footsie and Chronic this stands out as the more serious track on the EP.


“Murking Yearly” is self explanatory track which explains the hard work that the Newham Generals put in the Grime scene. The results of their work and dedication had them making major power moves every single year. The Grime veterans keep it simple with the hook but makes up for it with the explosive verses.

The most significant and surprising track on the EP is the last track on the EP entitled “Frontline 2015” featuring Monkstar. With Monkstar returning to the Grime scene, the three original members of Newham Generals drop fire on an old school Grime beat. The track is a nostalgic experience for fans of Grime as the track is a recreation of one of the most significant anthems to arise from the Grime scene. D Double E, Footsie and Monkstar deliver new bars on a classic production which is a great way to end the EP. Tracks like this prove that Grime is a timeless genre and continues to play an important part in UK culture.

The Newham Generals have a musical formula that works. Regardless what blends of music or experimental sounds they work with, they always keep it grimy.  You must commend them on keeping their integrity for all these years and this EP is just the reason why Grime will always remain significant. The dynamic duo makes music that is all about fun and energy, something that really defines the genre. With a large number of credentials this latest EP does all of the above.

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Favourite Track: Frontline 2015

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