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18 May 2015


Award winning Carns Hill is the man responsible for some of the hottest tracks and mixtapes to come out of the UK Rap scene. Carns Hill is considered ahead of his time as far as producing goes and has gained recognition across the UK as a super producer.


Carns Hill has implemented his futuristic sound in many projects over the years and there is a big chance that he has collaborated with your favourite rapper. Carns Hill has made many mixtapes consisting of various productions. However, none of them has made such a stamp on the UK Rap scene like the OT series.


Five years ago the first installment of the OT series was released. It was something different and refreshing for the UK Rap scene. It was complemented with a five part short movie on YouTube showcasing the very best in UK Rap which was an accurate depiction of life in the streets and the culture of OT.
Fast forward to 2015 and the OT series has had a lasting impression in the UK Rap scene, including an extensive roster of some of the best rappers coming out of the UK. With a diverse, lyrical team of rappers on one mixtape and the bold, cinematic productions of Carns Hill it was only right that the OT series reached its third installment. With the succession of the first two instalments is ‘OT3’ still in high demand? I mean bangers like Young Teflon and Fem Fel – Back Hand are hard to top!!

The formula for the OT series has been rather similar since the first installment with the recurring roles of Youngs Teflon, Blade Brown, SDG, Timbar and Fem Fel. However, the series has introduced us to rappers such as Mental K who has created a new sound for the OT series which makes it rather refreshing and less repetitive.
The mixtape begins with “All We Rap Is Trap” with the main head-liners. The track is an impactful start to the mixtape with the ghostly sample setting the mood of the project. Youngs Teflon with the first verse acts as the pacemaker as he delivers a distinct, laid back flow.

This is followed by “Shotting Oz” which goes back to the traditional bass bumping production of Carns Hill. With Mental K and Youngs Teflon on the hook we have a track that is all about chemistry. Some rappers stand out on the track, but the tune overall remains on top with the production of Carns Hill.

The OT series was heavily praised for the ghoulish, trapesque music it offers and with ‘OT3’ they have this type of music in abundance. Tracks like “I’m Mike” featuring SDG, Scrooge, Mental K and Paper Pabs, “We Don’t” featuring Mental K, SDG and Skrilla Kid Villain and “4 Keys” featuring Youngs Teflon and Yung Meth offer that authentic trap music which has made OT such a household favourite for UK Rap.
The mixtape offers a powerhouse of features, old and new to rap including: Colours, Rain, Gunna Dee and Komoshen. With a huge amount of features this makes the experience of OT3 more thrilling, and with the mixtape being 22 tracks strong there are a variety of bangers to choose from. All of these artists in their own right are quality, so to see them all together on one project as big as this, is a statement to the UK Rap scene and stays true to the OT series.

OT3 is a mixtape that is more diverse compared to the last two installments. However, ‘OT3’ has a similar style to ‘OT1’ as the music does not just glamorise the life on the road. This is noticeable with tracks like “Corner” featuring Mental K and Blade Brown as they tell the story of a young girl called Kim whose life took a turn for the worse after drugs and the dope dealer Wayne.
‘OT3’ is a massive mixtape and is sure to have something for everyone. ‘OT3’ brings out the very best in UK Rap and will not let you down if you are a fan of anyone of the artists featured on the mixtape. Carns Hill produced a well crafted, well rounded mixtape and ‘OT3’ just proves that the series is extremely necessary.
Favourite Track: Not Ready (featuring Fem Fel and SDG)

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Written by Mixtape Madness’ newest blogger:

Tariq Peters (@Explicit LDN)