P Money is Full of Fire on ‘Money Over Everyone 4’ (Mixtape Review)

Tom Atkinson

By Tom Atkinson

Tom Atkinson

5 Jul 2023

Grime in 2023 is an interesting place. The scene is far from its highs of the early 2000s and mid-2010s. Although, it’s still full of talent old and new. The likes of Stormzy and AJ Tracey from that second-popular era have gone onto new sounds, while legends of the game like Skepta and Kano are on to new avenues. One man who has kept it grimey is P Money.

Despite mixing it up with other sounds like U.K. Bass and Drum’n’Bass, this man is still very much a 140 BPM MC, as he displays on this project. The fourth mixtape in this iconic series delivers plenty of bangers while also providing some insight into why the scene is where it is today.

Any Grime project needs good beats, and they are aplenty here. Frequent collaborator Whiney provides a mellow Hip-Hop beat on ‘Keep Your Distance‘. It nicely matches the chill and straight-to-the-point flow. Meanwhile, U.K. Bass producer Shaun Dean provides a filthy 140bpm instrumental on ‘Endz‘. It’s the perfect vibe for the KURUPT FM boys to hop on and is one of the mixtape’s biggest bangers. Dean, Whiney, Limitless, and the legend Silencer appear on multiple tracks, making for some immaculate production across the board.

Speaking of Silencer, he helps P bring out some of his best guest performances. You will have heard ‘Wagwarn Mumsy‘ with D Double E, Frisco, and JME full of fire and Street Fighter references. Mez also does his thing on a Silencer beat on ‘K.M.T & TUT‘, proving why he is one of the best of his generation. AJ Tracey also returns to the scene hungry as ever on ‘Them Guys‘. He proves he still is a top-class lyricist over the Swifta Beater and Sir Spyro instrumental.

But, what about the main man? Well, P Money is still in top form, and while a veteran of the game, still spits like he’s a hungry newbie. He goes back and forth with the likes of Mez and AJ Tracey, matching them and providing some great moments. From witty references on the strikes to ‘I’ll do your dad in and turn man Simba’, the bars are still on point.

What really took my interest was his comments on the scene. ‘Still‘ which is one of this year’s hardest project openers, references his distaste of people in the scene and how people have done him dirty. ‘Anymore‘ goes deeper into this, highlighting some of the degenerates who have been promoted in Grime and the lack of community. Clearly, the fighting nature of this genre has affected its longevity and stopped it from thriving and expanding.

Also, ‘They Just Don’t Know‘ goes into P’s personal well-being and highlights some trauma and sad losses in his life. He’s always been open to his audience, but this is one of P Money’s most personal stories. It’s another example of a more open U.K. music scene that is moving away from traits of toxic masculinity and towards understanding and maturity.

Some tracks like ‘Why‘ lack a bit of that fire to make for great tracks. But, this project is very consistent for the most part. The production is on point, the features are all turning up (bar a kind of short and underwhelming performance from Peezy), and this feels like Grime. The balance between content and bangers is just about right and makes for a great listen.

With up-and-coming names like Duppy and Kruz Leone making waves, Grime is here to stay. But, these artists and other newcomers need maturing and nurturing, and for that, you need some help from the OGs. With P Money still here alongside the likes of JME, Frisco, and Manga Saint Hilare, the movement will continue. And, maybe one day rise to new heights.

Score: 4/5

P Money is on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.