P Money – Thank You EP

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

11 Apr 2016

P Money celebrated his birthday by giving back to his supporters who turned out for his birthday rave. The Blue Borough legend drops 6 tracks, check them out:

The fist track; “Where Is My Doe” exemplifies one of us P Money’s strongest skill sets, his ability depict a situation and make the listener feel like its happening live in front of their face. The notion someone can divert your call to voicemail and clam financial hardship yet advertise their lifestyle all over instagram, which includes purchasing the latest Jordans is an amusing yet relate-able concept in itself. His ability to write hooks also separates him from most in the industry, instant relaod sing-a-long.

The track also welcomes his fellow Lewisham natives Desperado, Blacks and Kozzie. His chemistry with Swifter has always been special and hopefully he is on P Money’s next album. Shout out to Swifter for his success on Kano’s album.

Paradise is a Grime remix of Coolio’s classic anthem is a more reflective tune with OGz delivering the reality about road life. For me Little Dee owned this track but its a strong tune, not one for Youtube wanksters. He does Chip’s Bookey justice and highlights the snakey nature of the industry and again Little Dee has a strong day in the studio but for me Blacks had the stand out verse. Blacks moves crud, anyone can get it.

On “Guestlist” P Money illustrates why he is wordplay don. The track is filled with him using other MCs names in a metaphoric way. Simply genius and consistent to form as we have seen from P in the past.

“There for you” is the slowest Grime track on the tape and P shows a more emotional side when he describes his love for his son. Truly emotional and deep. One respects the love he shows to the mother of his child as well. The child is a truly loved OG. As a proud father, the track took me back to when my princess was born. Nice way to end the EP. Looking forward to the EP.

Favourite Track: Where is my doe