Potter Payper x Big Watch – Pay Per View [Review]

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

3 Oct 2017

Potter Payper and Big Watch collab after a while touching us all, once again. Pay per view comes as real as you can get with the two talented artists. It takes you on their journey whiles telling you their stories.

The seven cold tracks they hit us with vary from the deep thought and reflection mood to the gritty type which is shown in the opening track ‘Bring Em Out’; really provides the hype which calms down towards the end. We’ve all been missing Potter for the little while he’s been gone for and this mixtape clearly doesn’t disappoint.

Both these artists really know how to take you through their pain and what they’ve been through. After this mixtape I felt like I’ve been in the trap for months. A couple of the tracks make me wanna go out and drill something whilst the others calm me down and make me deep my life, seriously.

The title of the mixtape says it all, pay per view. You have to be open-minded to get that one, the same goes with the fourth track ‘Less Is More’. Pay per view is a television service in which you’d pay to watch a programme. What if the service was for Potter and Watch’s cats to pay for their fix because it’s definitely not referring to the album since it’s free, thanks to Mixtape Madness for that one.

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