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By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

9 May 2015

South London’s Reeko Squeeze gained widespread recognition in the UK being known as a member of the infamous Section Boyz. The work rate amongst them proved that the group was not looking to stop anytime soon. Every rapper in the group had their own style and trademark flow, which was something the UK has not witnessed in a long time. Under unforeseen circumstances, Reeko Squeeze is no longer a member of Section Boyz. This shocked the masses and made a lot of fans of the Section Boyz hugely disappointed. Fans questioned the likelihood of Reeko Squeeze making any more music. However, to our surprise Reeko Squeeze is back harder than ever with the release of his latest mixtape ‘Child’s Play’. Has his latest mixtape proved he can run the UK rap scene without an entourage?

This introductory mixtape which is 14 tracks strong has a lot of charisma and is music catered for the streets with many bangers to listen to.

The mixtape starts off with “Banter Remix” featuring Bonkaz, Yung Reeks and Youngs Teflon. With many heavyweights on the remix, it is easy to understand why listeners may prefer this version as opposed to the original. Reeko Squeeze is in a league of his own with his laidback flow and stands out on the track easily and sets the mixtape off to an explosive start. With such a well known track so early on the mixtape, it was questionable whether other tracks on the mixtape will have that same effect.

All my doubts soon faded as I had myself repeatedly listening to “BRB” in which Reeko Squeeze goes in on a raw, aggressive trap-esque beat which seems to be a style where we get the best from Reeko Squeeze. Reeko Squeeze proves that he does not have to rely on features to make hot music and tracks like “Understand” and the boastful “Jokeman” just shows us how exceptional Reeko Squeeze is as a rapper.
A track that stands out on the mixtape is “Love It” featuring the vocals of Nershon. I did not anticipate any vocalists on the mixtape. However, it just made the mixtape that much more diverse for the listener ”Love It” is a track for the ladies that stands out as a noteworthy track on the mixtape balancing the overall concept of the mixtape.

Reeko Squeeze revamped the Rich Gang banger with “Imma Ride” featuring Shotta and made the track his own to produce fire on a ghoulish track. Reeko Squeeze goes bar for bar with Shotta making this a real street anthem for the UK.

The direction of the mixtape reverts back to the heavenly bass lines of trap with the track “Life’s A Bitch” featuring Youngs Teflon. The track is full of energy and the flow of both Reeko Squeeze and Youngs Teflon is formidable and complements the grimy sound of the mixtape.

“Ain’t On Nuttin Remix” makes its way on the mixtape which has an all-star team of rappers offering fiery flows and hardcore lyrics which is a great end to what was a really good mixtape. Reeko Squeeze made the scene realise he is a threat to the UK rap scene and this mixtape was a real eye opener for any doubters of Reeko Squeeze.

There is no denying the fact that Reeko Squeeze was underrated as a rapper when he was involved with the Section Boyz and it is hard to understand why that is. All eyes are now on Reeko Squeeze with the release of his debut solo mixtape and I must say he delivered a quality tape. ‘Child’s Play’ was an opportunity for Reeko Squeeze to showcase his talent and prove that he is up there with the best of them. One thing for certain is that those who were sleeping on Reeko Squeeze needs to wake up immediately.

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Written by Mixtape Madness’ newest blogger:

Tariq Peters (@Explicit LDN)

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