Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

15 Apr 2020

Producer, artist & master of his sound!

169 has released his second EP, Sync. The project is a blissful journey through elements of modern R&B, Hip Hop and Dancehall sounds. It comes as no surprise, though. His skills, as a producer, are sprinkled across Dave’s discography and 169 is credited on numerous acclaimed projects – including Wretch 32’s Upon Reflection’ and the Top Boy soundtrack.

From track one to eight, the music is sonically pleasing. It proves that to achieve the status of a good and thorough artist, you must first be a good and thorough listener! The blend of sounds in tracks such as Respect, Over Me (ft. KNWGD) and This Way expose artist influences such as Party Next Door and an early Drake. He is a student of the game and flaunts both his artistic and production abilities in his records. When listening to these tracks, listen carefully to the transitions and manipulation in sound!

169 has not shied away from exploring themes that address relationships in Slide For Me, Cocoabutter and Crazy (ft. Jaz Karis). He takes advantage of the mellow beats and pens transparent verses about matters of his personal life. There’s more to him than his love life, however. His Caribbean culture plays an integral part in producing his song, No Fear (ft. Wretch 32), where he includes Patois and expresses his plans for his future. Much like a debut project, the artist allows us to get to know him throughout.

“You gotta remember there’s a million producers…you’ve got to keep showing these man that, fam, you’re here and you’re here to stay…”

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