Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

19 May 2020

All things Jords & his self-produced LP!

It’s a project that took take a year and a half, in total, to create. After the passing of his grandmother, the Croydon artist grew certain of his vision and put his LP’s song-list together in a 3 week period. Jords’ latest, ‘Almost An Adult’, is sheer emotion and transparency.

The title of the album describes a season in his life, one that he is currently in. The personal and retrospective vibes we get from every last song is very intentional. From his specific references of London culture to the mentioning of his family — amplified through short skits on different tracks.

His records, ‘My City’, ‘London’ and ‘Brothers’ are delivered over saxophonic, upbeat-but-hard-hitting beats — a staple in most UK rap records. Jords’ balanced fusion of R&B and Brit culture is kept steady throughout the project. We also find quite heartfelt records, ‘Halos’, ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ (ft Jaz Karis) and ‘Mrs Chambers Kitchen 2’ which almost take a diary entry format on an array of mellow, soul-inspired beats.

Family, faith and his surroundings are three elements that make up the foundation of ‘Almost An Adult’. ‘My City’ offers such perspective for listeners who enjoy Jords.

Thinking out loud and being in touch with oneself are pretty much the themes, if you will, of this honest collection of music by the singer-rapper. Have a listen to the self-produced project here!