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Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

11 Sep 2016

The fire is still burning as Chip continues to prove to the world that he is indeed one of the best MC’s in the country whether you like it or not! The North Londoner has had a hectic year in music and has overcome many challenges and challengers. His perseverance in music brought back the raw, relentless energy which was an original factor in Grime culture. To buy click POWER UP.

With a dramatic year in Grime Chip decided to give the fans a summer project to finally put an end to the controversy once and for all before focusing on the development of his upcoming album. Chip introduces us to his latest offering ‘Power Up’, an eight-track EP which represents the lyrical, fearless side of Chip as the project is a result of Chip taking on the world with rounds of ammunition in the form of lyrics.

The EP starts off with the explosive “Fire In My Studio”, a studio mastered version of Chip’s fiery Fire In The Booth Part 3. Chip addresses the issues regarding certain DJs comparing average MC’s to Grime legends as well as killing off multiple MC’s lyrically. Chip proudly stands on his own as a lone wolf exposing the true realities of the music industry and the misrepresentation of Grime culture.

This is followed with “Mad With It” as Chip continues to speak on his disapproval of the music industry and those who have turned against him over the years. Chip is aware of what really goes on within the music industry and refuses to play a part or become a puppet. Chip boldly states in the track “You see a radio DJ, I see Agent Smith” which strongly suggest that the same popular figures we idolise within the music scene are the same individuals trying to oppress Chip for spreading the realness.

Chip is no stranger to making bangers catered for the clubs, something that he effortlessly proved at an earlier stage of his career. Chip takes a break from the 140bpm sound to remind his long term fans that he’s still a versatile artist through and through with “Style Dat” featuring Jamaican Dancehall artist Kranium. The track proves to be a vibe as Chip produces another Bashment hit which is due to shutdown the raves and get the ladies involved.

Chip brings it back to Grime with the self titled track “Power Up” as he speaks on the executives preventing him from attending Wireless. Chip makes it clear that they don’t want to see him performing diss tracks on stage directed to the artists that he essentially made relevant. Nevertheless, he stays true to his word and replies the best way he knows how which is lyrics for lyrics.

A noteworthy track on the EP that really brings out the very best in Chip is “My Ones” featuring Ms D. The heartfelt track allows Chip to spill real life lyrics on the track as he speaks about his brother’s incarceration, staying positive despite the negativity surrounding him and genuinely praying for his friends and families’ safety. Notable lines include: “If you were in your teens like me and on the scene like me and I passed you the zoot you might need it”.

Chip concludes ‘Power Up’ with the self-explanatory and self-appraised “Can’t Run Out Of Bars” as Chip stays true to what he said all those months ago to deliver a solid anthem that ends the project on a high as Chip has impressed the nation with his impeccable work rate and drive.

Chip has been a longstanding artist in the UK music scene and has stayed true to himself which is why ‘Power Up’ is a project that can resonate with everyone that refuses to let the system put them down. Chip is no longer just a voice in Grime, but an icon and it will be interesting to hear how his album will sound. Nevertheless, ‘Power Up’ definitely has all the correct powers and energies and certainly proves why he is and will always be the Grime scene saviour.

Favourite Track: Power Up
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