Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

25 Jun 2020

Fyah Roiall is one of Jamaica’s most exciting rappers at the forefront of the emerging “grimehall” sound. It’s a new forward-facing sub-genre of Jamaican music that combines American trap, UK grime, and dancehall. He has launched his new, introductory project ‘UNDERRATED’ and has gifted fans with the visuals for ‘Nobody’, premiered exclusively via Complex.

Fyah Roiall’s (pronounced ‘royal’) introductory album is a twelve-track extraordinaire. He holds nothing back, exploring every inch of his soundscape and laces every track with sheer authenticity. One thing you can be certain of is his originality – there is not another body of work that sounds like this and that is particularly what is most pleasurable about the Jamaican artist!

When listening to the ‘Underrated’ album, you gradually meet him at his level of consciousness. His approach to the project is a testament to his character and a window into his free-spirited thoughts, throughout. The genre-bender’s native patois and grime-inspired lyricism births records such as ‘One Day’, ‘Soundboii Freestyle’ and, even more, trap-inspired, ‘Faded’. Here, wordplay and cadence are so vividly displayed which is a big win for Roiall on his debut!

The rapper’s sound knows no limits. Working with the likes of SOSDynamikz (Koffee – Rapture) and co-producing his own material, listeners can catch a vibe from strands of R&B in ‘Good Thing’ to elements of Dancehall in ‘Wolves’ — and even a mix of both in ‘Nobody’. One word: range.

“Myself and my music are all one and the same. I am my music and my music is me. If you truly know one, then you know the other, it’s that deep.” — Fyah Roiall

Fiyah Roiall stands firm in his artistry and asserts himself perfectly in his 6th track, ‘Energy’: “You cannot f*ck with my confidence. Dem ah wonder, what’s the secret? Energy, energy, energy.” With an untouchable sound and a unique package, the artist is well on his way. Stay in the loop with Fiyah and stream ‘Underrated’ here!