Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

2 May 2020

Goat World the mixtape!

Goat World, the mixtape released under Ozone Music, is a 14-track statement piece. The Luton bred rapper has aesthetically approached his project in alignment with his ‘G.O.A.T’ identity. Nafe Smallz has anchored his space in British music and is widely known for crafting a sound around elements of trap/melodic rap and popularising it in the UK. He has delivered this mixtape under these notions, further evidenced by the external choices made for his title and cover.

“The first line on ‘Part Of The Plan’ goes, ‘All of my new shit, I put the soul in it ‘cos you never know where you gon’ go wit it,’ and that really defines the project. I thought it would be good to be the introduction…” Nafe told Complex.

Nafe Smallz holds nothing back on this project and plays on all factors of life — including his financial value (see ‘Big Racks’), relationships, the streets and his passion for his music. As listeners, we are plunged into his world through his wavy, auto-tuned vocals and a range of wicked beats.

Goat World has a well-balanced roster of all-star UK features and they work collectively to tell different tales about Nafe. A more sentimental side of the rapper is exposed in songs such as, ‘Phones Off’ (ft Nines), ‘Bad For Me’ (ft Miraa May), and ‘Lawless’. He doesn’t shy away from expressing the realities of his life and we can appreciate that.

The 23-year-old rapper also linked up with genre-mates, proving an authentic movement. In ‘Part of the Plan’ (ft M Huncho) we bask in their signature style and lyrics as they go back and forth. Young Adz features on ‘Freak’ and it’s a nasty anthem! It is evident that Nafe Smallz is intentional with his records and understands compatibility, sonically, when making these arrangements.

With an awareness of what’s currently hot on the scene, he offers a trail of feel-good riddims via ‘Ocean Deep’ (ft Wretch 32), ‘J Lo’ (ft Deno & Chip’ and ‘Friendzone’ (ft SAFE). Typically, we can always expect this from Smallz. Whether you’re wanting to chill or flex, there’s a song for each mood on Goat World!

“I made the lane, they could never tell you they made me.” Nafe Smallz, Lawless. Listen to ‘Goat World’ here!