Review: Headie One & RV – “Drillers x Trappers 2”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

27 Mar 2019

Headie One and RV have both come a long way since the release of “Drillers x Trappers” back in 2017. Two years on and Headie One has charted on numerous occasions and RV has removed the infamous bally. Repping Tottenham Headie One and RV are representatives of OFB but are also known as one of the strongest duo’s and individuals in Drill. 

Got my neck some gold cah I’m pyrex living, stretching snow

Following up the sequel “Drillers x Trappers 2’ has finally arrived. The pair have made a strong comeback with the 13 track mixtape. Built over a cinematic production the line up for the mixtape enlists some of the hottest rappers in the UK. LD, Monkey, Kojo Funds, K-Trap, Unknown T, DigDat and Lowkey all make an appearance. The mixtape rose to No.2 shortly after its release on Apple Music’s Album Chart and still hasn’t moved. This only speaks for itself a highly anticipated project from one of the strongest duo’s in Drill both making bold statements going mainstream. RV took to Twitter “DXT2 was made for the streets… we didn’t water it down to mainstream or anything”.

Releasing the visuals to featured track “Match Day” the pair play on MOTD. Footie references have become a rising reference through drill music over the recent years. Headie and RV have executed this concept perfectly. Playing roles of players as well as spectators of the game the memes are circling as we speak. The track speaks for itself, infusing references to football the word play and greazy bars only emphasise the talent of both Headie One and RV.

My lil’ bro Boogie a gunna, he’s only 16, he’s still a lil baby

Mob Ties

One track in particular has been making waves over social media as arguably one of the hardest tracks on the mixtape. “Mosh Pit” which features DigDat…it was only inevitable it was gonna bang. DigDat comes with his own style, proving his versatility his verse is nothing but heat. Both RV and Headie come with cold verses, word play and fast flows.

Mob Ties” featuring Monkey (67) has a bag of punchlines laced in it “My lil’ bro Boogie a gunna, he’s only 16, he’s still a lil baby” and “Shit gets Messi, no Argentina, on the other side where the grass is greener”. We could sit here and go on for hours, it’s safe to say this project doesn’t lack in hard punchlines. 

Shit gets Messi, no Argentina, on the other side where the grass is greener

You can’t have a project with a track that features Headie One, RV and no other than K-Trap and not mention it. “Roddy Ricch” is one of many tracks on the project that we are loving. K-Trap has a solid reputation for his hard bars and still hasn’t failed once. Again, infused with a variety of punchlines, the beat on this is heavy. RV kicks off the track, Headie covers the chorus and K-Trap appears later on in the track shelling his verse. Who’s K-Trap if he doesn’t mention pyrex? “Got my neck some gold cah I’m pyrex living, stretching snow”.

Unknown T has recently gone Silver with Homerton B. This link up on “Turn” has created yet another hard-edged track. Produced by Ghosty we already knew the beat was gonna slap. Unknown T spun the track with his cold verse – rewind!

None of the features lacked, this collection of hard hitting and greazy tracks is everything we expected and more. Headie One and RV came through harder than ever with this mixtape, dashing out more anthems for the street.

MM Rating: 8 out of 10

Let us know your thoughts on the mixtape as well as your favourite punchlines. You can stream “Drillers x Trappers 2” below.