By Sulay


27 Oct 2018

KO releases his debut project ‘This Sh#ts Mnets’, and we have a track by track review of the mixtape.

KO has finally released his long awaited debut mixtape ‘This Sh#ts Ments’ on October 26, and we’re enjoying it! Here we have a track by track review letting you know our thoughts and we want to hear yours. First here’s our review:


Kicking off the project with a great start is ‘Intro’, a dope track that sees KO going in with nothing but cold bars. The artist is detailing his life so far, from his upbringing to life on the streets. It’s an open letter that lets fans into who the rapper really is.

9er Ting (featuring. Unknown T)

‘9er’ is a cold track featuring Unknown T, putting more focus on the artists lyrical ability where he proves that he can deliver very well. Unknown T adds to the track by blending well straight into the point verses. If the track alone isn’t enough, the visuals are clean-cut and capture the artists lifestyle very well.

Welcome To Homerton

KO goes into his third track with new energy. ‘Welcome To Homerton’ hears the rapper spitting some of his hardest bars, he’s talking about life in Homerton with boastful and genuine lyricism. The instrumental is cold and the artist uses a chilled flow to ride the beat effortlessly.

Hold You Down (featuring. Toaozay)

KO takes it down a notch, slowing the track with a laid back flow.Toaozay sings the chorus in a beautiful style, whilst KO comes with a wavy verse spitting nothing but the truth.

Pull Up (featuring. Kilo Keemzo)

Switching things up even more, KO is showing that he has flows on flows and the ability to produce multiple sounds. Kilo Keemzo features on the track, adding his wavy sauce to ‘Pull Up’.

Still In The Hood (featuring. Alchubbino)

Partnering up with fellow rapper Alchubbino, KO delivers ‘Still In The Hood’. This track is upbeat and lively, yet smooth enough for the listeners to chill to. Both rappers go back to back, bouncing off one another is an exciting style, and the lyricism is wavy and direct.

Never Know

Showcasing his virtuality, Asco switches up his flow to deliver something completely different. KO is proving that he is in fact one of the coldest drill rappers. This track will have your head bopping.

Right Now (featuring. V9 & Mazza)

Laced with a dynamic beat, that will have your head spinning in approval, ‘Right Now’ is a hot track. KO,V9 & Mazza all ride the beat nicely, as it fits their flows like. glove, whilst displaying great ability.


Ending the project, ‘TSM’ summaries the bangers that KO has droped throughout the mixtape.

KO has created a great versatile project for his debut, which is definetely worth the listen. You can purchase the mixtape here.