Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

25 May 2020

I hit up the boy, Yung Fume, who is sitting on a multiple tape discography and is one of the UK’s leading ‘wave’ artists. We jointly took a look into the making of his latest tape, ‘Now or Never’.

When I asked how he’d introduce his new mixtape he said, “This project was having 100 songs made and being ready to drop the biggest album of my career (before corona). Out of the 100 songs, I ran with a theme and put this out for the fans. As in, ‘now or never’ because we might not get the chance to drop this music again. That’s how I was feeling at the time. I had to get the music out!”

It’s not quite the ‘throwaway’ tape but neither was it his original plan. Still, the rapper reassured me that we can all anticipate the release of his forthcoming album – one that he believes will redefine his career. Until then, he has packaged and gifted a 14-track, whilst-we-wait project for his fans. Much like the vehicle on the cover design, get in because we’re going for a ride!

‘Now or Never’ takes you on a crazy trip, weaving in and out of the life of Yung Fume. He does it independently, providing a full body of work with no extra features. It’s a flex-heavy tape right from the very beginning and nothing new to Fumoss who often takes on this familiar rockstar energy. His auto-tune coated records, ‘High In The 6’ and ‘Movie’, prove it with his staple cadence and lit ad-libs!

Track 6, ‘Akuma’, marks the end of the heavy 808s and blends nicely into a more melodic selection. The rapper grows a lot more reflective and sentimental as we get deeper into the project with moving records like, ‘You and I’, ‘Feel My Pain’ and ‘Issues’.

Sonically, he is well aware of what he wanted to achieve on this project and put it simply like this: “Whatever sound I start the tape on, I wanna show different sides. A body of work shows real potential. You need to start a tape hyped but sometimes you have to slow it down and catch a different vibe.

The South London native has recently relocated to Atlanta and beamed, over the phone, when recollecting his memorable recording process out there. “Creativity! I recorded that in the A… in my home studio… off the Henny. When you’re in Atlanta, recording, it’s different. Every time that song plays, the first thing I think of is Atlanta.”

Being an artist in this current climate has meant he has had to adapt his rollout and be more creative than ever. When we discussed his plans for pushing ‘Now or Never’ under rules to stay at home, Yung Fume was unfazed — excited, even. He told me: “I’ve got a crazy surprise, I can’t even announce it. Just know you’ll be getting visuals and way more! I’m stepping out of my box – it’s something I’ve never done before.”

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