Review : Songer’s “THE PRICE OF THERAPY” As A Heavily Relatable Reflection Of Youth & Hardship

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

12 Apr 2024

Two weeks ago today, Reading based rapper Songer unveiled his highly awaited album entitled ‘THE PRICE OF THERAPY’, after months of heavy anticipation from his dedicated fanbase, and it’s safe to say that he has consistently continued to impress his audience. Having risen to attention from the public eye when he stepped up to the plate for a Blackbox 5 years ago, which notably now sits as the highest streamed BB session of all time, the talent has been championed for his substance fuelled approach to music, excellently crafted punchlines and musical differentiality. Another project that indefinitely touches on sensetive themes whilst also exploring new beat selections and club-ready anthems, “THE PRICE OF THERAPY” has been received as a great body of work in the opening weeks.

Coming in the form of a 9 track project, shorter than his previous 16 track project ‘SKALA’, “THE PRICE OF THERAPY” shows Songer continuing to showcase his lyrical eloquence and sentimental depth, with the album a fine demonstration of his ability to balance playful baselines with profound and deeply personal narratives. The opening track offers a thought provoking and introspective start to the project before getting more lively and upbeat on the next couple of tracks. Inferred by the title of the project, the project tends to reflect on emotional inflictings and topics surrounding therapy.

With only a single feature on the project, coming from Evinha, an extended period now to fully take in the project and ahead of his sold out o2 Kentish Forum show this weekend, below comes a somewhat dissection of the album, and a piece to champion the talent that Songer quite clearly possesses. 

From start to finish, “THE PRICE OF THERAPY” offers a captivating listen with no skips; Songer’s captivity with his exceptional choice of production and structural organisation has shone through once again. Confident in his delivery and his wordplay for which he has been championed for so well over the years, his ability to seamlessly talk on sensitive topics in a way that is though provoking yet still maintains heavy replay factor is a testament to his artistry.

Something less frequent in his previous projects, the choice of emotive vocal samples in “THE PRICE OF THERAPY” are A1. One of my favourite track off the project in terms of the musicality and substance aspect is “DEC22nd”, which offers an almost two minute build up of Songer’s manipulated vocal samples leads into a rapped verse. The following track “IF THE SKY WOULD STAY BLUE” is another class track; weighing in at just over 6 minutes, Songer offers a deep and introspective track consisting of straight bars over an emotional piano beat.

When reviewing his last project “SKALA”, I said that “What really sets ‘SKALA’ apart is Songer’s storytelling and lyricism though. He paints vivid images with his words and shines raw and honest truth on the angles and perspectives captured through a brutally normalised way of living with issue such as grief and mental health, giving listeners a glimpse into his life and experiences whilst also becoming a voice for those who may struggle to have one otherwise”. Nothing whatsoever has changed here, and Songer has easily become one of the best at doing this. A spokesperson for his loyal fanbase, there’s no surprise the Reading star has managed to cultivate his audience into such a high level of support.

Another great body of work from Songer, “THE PRICE OF THERAPY” is another great introspective project that is exactly what his fans have been waited for. Effortless in his descriptives about sensitive issues that are so, so relatable for, especially a demographic of teenage boys/young men, Songer has showed us yet again that he is pure artist, another project to add to his wide and art-filled consistency.

Listen to the new track below :