REVIEW: Turning Up in A Post-Pandemic World With Cloud X Festival

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

10 Aug 2021

Queue the post-concert depression.

Turning up in a world still dealing with the effects of a pandemic seemed impossible, but it was never inevitable.

On Sunday 8th of August 2021, Cloud X took the crowd gathered in the South-East of London, to Cloud 9 serving as a powerhouse to showcase talent across the UK’s Alt – underground – scene. The lineup consisted of eclectic personalities which included the likes of A2, Sainte, Jaz Karis, Etta Bond, Santino Le Saint and more. Whether you were looking to sing along to a laid back RNB-fused set, or unleash your rage by “opening it up” – Cloud X had it all, and this show brought back emotions we’ve missed out on experiencing, no doubt.

When we think about festival season, our minds automatically jump to the big names. Think Wireless, Rolling Loud, Coachella. Outdoor venues with multiple stages; mass crowds – and don’t get it twisted, that environment is still powerful – however showcases of a relatively smaller scale, such as Cloud X, are in their bag with creating an intimate, electrically charged energy which you wouldn’t be able to experience in such overpopulated spaces.

The performances music lovers were blessed with came from a versatile range of artists capable of submerging their talent into sonic multi-verses, and they took their audience with them. It depends on preference and perspective, but this particular celebration provided attendees with the perfect balance of being able to energise, and mix in with the moshpit crew, but also take a breather in an open space and mingle properly. Running into some of the talents who have graced the stage, and honouring their ability to craft and present their art, was an added bonus. The point isn’t to know of every single gifted individual performing, but rather to discover them there and then, on the spot – and simply vibe, you know?

The timing for this pioneering moment when it comes to putting the Alternative UK music scene on the map, couldn’t have been more perfect, and hopefully re-living every feeling brought about by Cloud X, will become an annual experience for many of us.  

| A special thanks to the Cloud X organisers, Native Sound System and Metropolis Music family for coming together and making magic with this event!