Mixtape Review: Tear Drops EP – Frisco

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

5 Sep 2011

Frisco is another heavy weight MC with a catalogue in the game that spans over a decade from the golden Heat FM generation.

But the question is has he still got it? Has the man that who since ’09 made male ravers ask promoters of rather mundane dances demand, “We need some girls in here, couple Shantels and Shanelles in here”. Lets see what the Tear Drops EP is saying. Follow me as go through each track.

1. Lyrics
“Lyrics” is a strong introduction to the EP, which is an easy listening track one can zone too. Frisco gives an insight to why he feels he is on a plateau not many artists have reached and what has to be done to possibly reach there.

“Nothing wrong with a man getting a bringing, because every big dawg got brought by somebody else, every big dawg got taught by somebody else, just know you have to reach boss status…”

2. Hustle
On the track “Hustle”, we are reminded of a Dizzee Rascal favourite and Frisco lets us know about his financial ambitions and how he aims to secure it.

“Definite I hustle, my muscle is in my lyrics fam, no lies I kick that beef like swine, I just aint in it fam, but cuzzy don’t get it twisted, violate me and you will get lifted, didn’t want to make his marrow fly but p******** insisted”

3. Fast Lane
It’s a hard track simple, one that Frisco fans will reload. The upbeat skankers vibes with whitty bars and J2K’s delivery, car similes and references makes this track one my favourites on the EP.

“I live life in the fast lane, where the days just fly by, So there will be no wasting of my time, I’m a proven lyrical skeng, I can’t lose so the question is why try, I’m different there is no body like I, best thing try keep up is what you better do, A lot of these MCs are stuck in the game like a text that aint getting through…”


Frisco’s after the P like the Q, if you heard any different that’s a white lie, in the black five, it’s a hype when I write rhymes, one twenty on the M1, bye bye” …”

4. Love Me
Frisco comes with a gal dem anthem, where he explains why the ladies rate him. The track features Lay-Z, who illustrates in the bedroom he is definitely not an amateur but the verse that kills it for me is delivered by Lioness:

“Go for a lickle lunch, and later on back to your plush apartment, I’ll make us a night munch, red wine, everything’s fine, and when it comes to crunch, you go to put it in and then I say nah baby it’s the time of the month, then laugh in my head I’m done”

5. Getting it wrong
Then the mixtape turns a shade darker when Frisco is joined by Skepta and the Roadside G’s one and only; Diggerz. Mr Diggerz comes with straight no smiles, raw flow that gives pretenders a reality check. Skepta’s verse sums up why MCs can’t touch the unique London style (no fake Yank accent) delivery of “Boy Better Know”:

“Them MCs are like sex when I’m drunk, they’re never gonna buss”

6. Keeping It G’d Up (remix)
The beat is crazy so is the chorus and this one of my favourite tracks on the EP. Ghetts and Frisco were relentless on this track, the two contrasting flows. Ghetts slows down and drops potent adlibs, where Frisco’s flow is faster. Both have an element of whit in their bars.

“Fake mug, that’s right I called him a tea cup….. I’m relentless, no debate, get your baby thrown away like one of Brenda’s, horrendous ”


“When your talking to Frisco, look down at your lips bro, you better watch your mouth…it is what it is, if its on then its on, I’m willing and ready, I’ll zone out the riddem and take on 20, give me the belly and I’m giving out beats like a jezzy… success breads hate… doing it for mine not Pete’s sake, you man are fruity like a cheesecake”


7. P & Qs
Another favourite is Frisco freestyling over another Grime classic beat, no chorus, no features and raspy flow with a hint of Patios influence.

“So many peng tings, couple buff tings, couple dead tings…. Yeah I’m old school like bumping a cab”

8. Loud
Example and Tinchy Stryder enjoy themselves along with Frisco over a feeling beat. I’m loving the guitars in this beats in this beat.

9. Money Can’t Stop
Trappers anthem again Frisco and Diggerz

“F you pay me, I got a link the Queen on a daily, it’s a must that we get this money, I don’t want no if, buts or maybes”


“Not a day goes by when Diggerz aint got money in his jeans, p’s I’m getting mine, extra grind when its real repping time, life as a rebel committing that crime, put ice on my bezel I let that shine, life as a rebel, ice on my bezel, showing man the levels in South West 9”


10. Demolition Man

Frisco brings B-Live who flow lives up to the title of the track and the Patios chorus makes one want to light there lighter and in many respects this track has a calm feel similar to that of the intro.

Well-constructed Tear Drops EP that flys the flag proudly for Grime but to listen to and download the mixtape for yourself click the download button below.

Peace Scio

Frisco - Tear Drops

Frisco lets loose an unexpected ten track EP with features from the likes of Skepta, B Live, Ghetts, Lioness, Lay-Z, Tinchy Stryder, Example, Diggerz,Lay Z and Smiley

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