The Big Belly Diaries: Entry One, Electric Grubb

Nourdin L

By Nourdin L

Nourdin L

7 Apr 2019

Welcome to the very first entry of The Big Belly Diaries, Where I Big Belly Nodz will be locating and reviewing new and unique places for Londoners to get some serious munch. All the places I review will be; Halal (if you’re looking for pork just click away now) and affordable with a maximum of 25 pounds a meal, for all my foodies on a budget.

For my first entry I hit up a Seafood, chicken wing and waffle house by the name of Electric Grubb. The restaurant is located on Tottenham High Street and with a big glowing sign on the outside, it’s almost impossible to miss.  Surprisingly, when I got there at 7pm in the evening, the restaurant was completely empty and stayed that way throughout the entire time I was there. However, it was not awkward at all and in fact felt quite homely and very comfortable.

Electric Grubb Seating
Seating area

It was not awkward at all and in fact felt quite homely and very comfortable.

The customer service was really good and staff were very attentive and ensured you had everything you needed but did not to the point where it felt like you were being watched. The staff also looked very clean with nails cut and uniform clean and tidy.

The Menu

Electric Grubb Menu

The menu of the restaurant was not very big, but still had different options to choose from, which I appreciate as I feel that some restaurants get carried away and bombard you with a 12-page menu where it takes you  30 minutes to decide on your starter. The menu was also very clear. 

As you can see the pricing of the menu was not bad at all and for the quantity of food that they are offering it is actually quite cheap.  I went there already knowing what I wanted, having looked up the menu online.  But for my friends who did not it was still easy for them to make a decision.

I ordered the 1st Mega Meal which comes with; 3 wings, 1 lobster tail, 3 king prawns, waffles, corn and one extra side of your choice. For my side I chose Mac n Cheese. They also give you the option of choosing what flavour wings you would like, the options being: Barbecue, Jerk or Lemon and Herb. I chose barbecue. With an added 1 pound for my drink, my meal came to a total of £15.99. Not bad at all.


Electric Grubb Food
3 wings, 1 lobster tail, 3 king prawns, waffles, corn and one extra side

After waiting for less than 30 minutes my food arrived to my table. I really liked the presentation of the food e.g. the three prawns sitting on top of the lobster tail. Also, I really liked the addition of the fruit on the plate as at it added some colour. The only thing I would have changed is that I would have preferred the  Mac n Cheese in a separate smaller dish as it makes the plate look a bit overcrowded.  The food arrives with a special in-house seafood sauce.

Flavour and Texture

Electric Grubb Food 2

My favourite part of the meal was definitely the BBQ chicken wings. They were oozing with sauce and tasted sweet and tangy. This was great for me because I am someone who really likes my barbecue wing to be covered in sauce and hates when your order BBQ wing and they arrive to the table dry and over cooked. The meat itself was cooked really well.

The prawns were also cooked very well and were very juicy. They went especially well with the complimentary in-house sauce, which had a really nice kick to it; you wouldn’t need a lot as a little goes a long way. The lobster was nice, but I felt that it was a bit rubbery and chewy, however the meat did come out of the shell very easily. Nothing is worse than when your food fights you and doesn’t want to come out the shell. The lobster was very nicely seasoned with chilli flakes and is taken to a completely other level of flavour when dipped in the sauce.

The Mac n Cheese was decent but was a bit too dry and salty for my taste. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the waffles because they were very tough and tasted almost a bit a stale,  the waffles where also cold which did not help this at all. The maple syrup  was very thick and sickly after having a few bites of the waffle. I think to improve; this restaurant should have made the waffles fresh or heated them up before serving them.

The slice of pineapple on the plate was a very nice way to end the meal, after all that salt from the seafood and mac n cheese it was nice to have something sweet and refreshing.

My favorite part of the meal was definitely the BBQ chicken wings. They were oozing with sauce and tasted sweet and tangy.

Final Review

Electric Grubb Seating

Overall, I feel that Electric Grubb has a lot of potential and that it is a great place for foodies on a budget to get themselves some affordable and decent seafood.  Whilst the quality of the food might not be the greatest, the quantity and flavours that you are receiving for the price you pay is definitely worth it and will most definitely leave you full. I feel that the customer service at Electric Grubb is absolutely amazing and the space itself is very clean and tidy. I also really like the theme of the restaurant and the vibe. I will definitely  be going back to Electric Grubb next time I am in the Tottenham area and am looking for some affordable soul food and seafood.

Overall, I give Electric Grubb a rating of 3 stars.

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