The Big Belly Diaries, entry two : Back-a-Yard Grill

Nourdin L

By Nourdin L

Nourdin L

24 Apr 2019

Hello fellow foodie! welcome to the second entry of The Big Belly Diaries , The blog for foodies on a budget . For my second entry I will be writing a review for a family owned Caribbean Inspired american grill takeaway spot by the name of Back-A-Yard Grill , located in Thamesmead south London. The company was founded by a mother and daughter duo with original recipes and products it was no wonder I was hearing so much about Back-A-Yard Grill.

You can either chose to order Back-A-Yard grill over the phone or online. I am someone who likes to order over the phone so that I know that my order has been taken correctly and there is no confusion of complications . From the moment they answered the phone I could instantly tell that the Baker family (the owners) are very passionate about their food and wanted to give the best service possible. Recommending me with what they think I should order as I wasn’t sure what to get , having not looked at the menu online.


As you can see the menu itself is not very big but still has many different options to choose from. I appreciate the numerous different sides that are available. The actual pricing of the food may not be the cheapest but is still very affordable in comparison to other Caribbean spots I have eaten at in the past. All orders must be over 15 pounds for delivery and I feel as an upcoming business this is very fair. However if you do not want a delivery and want to just pick up your food , then they do offer a 10% discount if your order is over 15 pounds. I feel that this is a very generous gift to customers who perhaps do not live in the companies delivery radius and travel to get themselves some food. The only thing I would change about the menu is that I would advertise the fact that the food is all halal apart from the pork as if I didn’t call and ask myself I would have never known. Them not advertising this could be making the company miss out on a very big category of consumers.

The member of staff who took my order over the phone was very confident that I would really like the 6oz double jerk cheese burger. They claimed that this was one of their best selling item and from feedback that they receive people absolutely love it. So I ordered the burger along with jerk chicken covered in homemade Jerk sauce and a side of Mac n Cheese. I also ordered Rice and peas with curry goat. Which added up to a total cost of £20 which I feel is a very decent price for the amount of food I was getting .


After only waiting 30 minutes for my food to arrive which was the exact expected delivery time given to me by the member of staff who took my order over the phone. The smell of the flavours was oozing out of the containers which got me very exited to take my first bite, so much so that I struggled to take the pictures. Whilst the food itself may not be plated in the most articulate and artistic way the food still looked very appealing . The fact that the food isn’t presented in a tidy and almost unnatural way makes the food itself very in theme with the family oriented brand of Back-A-Yard grill. The food had very strong colours making you know instantly that this was about to be some seriously flavourful munch.

Texture and Flavour

After taking the pictures I instantly tucked in. And let me tell you this. No word of a lie. This is easily in the top 5 takeaway food I have ever had in my entire life. First lets talk about this jerk chicken. The chicken was perfectly barbecued and was not dry at all the piece of chicken itself was also quite big and had a lot of meat on it . The homemade jerk sauce on the chicken was seriously banging to the point where I would by a bottle of it. The Mac n Cheese was absolutely amazing and probably my favourite thing that I ordered , the seasoning used in the mac was just perfect and the consistency was on par with that. I did not expect his as normally I find with a lot of Caribbean spots the Mac n Cheese tends to be very dry , I just wish I ordered more than one portion to be honest.

I really enjoyed the curry goat , the meat was perfectly cooked and just fell of the bone and was absolutely seasoned to perfection. The curry goat is very messy and due to the type of seasoning used will stain your clothes if it drips on you. Trust me I know , my white T shirts got a giant orange drizzle on it. The rice an peas was also very nice and also very flavourful the rice was not sticky or dry but perfectly cooked and the kidney beans where also very nicely textured.

The double jerk burger which was recommend to me by the member of staff who took my order certainly lived up to the hype. And the fact that the burger meat is freshly minced and seasoned makes it even better. The burger it put together with , home made jerk and barbecue sauce , all american mayo also homemade, red onion tomatoes and 2 6oz beef burgers and cheese and finally sandwiched together in s brioche bun. All this contributes to make and an absolute beast of a burger giving you bursts of flavour with every bite. I can certainly understand why this is one of Back-A-Yard grills top selling items .

Final Review

Overall I feel that Back-A-Yard grill is an absolutely must go to for anyone in the South London area and feel with amazing food and great customer service to match the company has a very bright future. And the fact that this is a family owned business makes me want to support them even harder. I will most definitely be going back to Back- A-Yard grill very soon . And so should you.

overall I am giving Back-A-Yard grill a 5 star!!!

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