Mixtape Review: Those Who Wait EP – Daley

Miss Tajha

By Miss Tajha

Miss Tajha

6 Sep 2011

Hailing from the Northern streets of Sale, Manchester, Northerner lad, Daley shows us how UK is upping its R&B/Soul scene with the anticipated drop of his eagerly awaited debut mix tape “Those Who Wait”.

Popping on the scene back in 2010 with his vocals featuring on the Gorillaz single “Doncamatic” after making a name for him self when he was invited by BBC Introducing to record a live session at the Maida Vale studios as part of the 2009 Electric Proms, Daley is back with his 10 track EP released this August entitled “Those Who Wait”. And yes, we’ve definitely been waiting!

Surely his soulful vocals is music to your ears with his opening track titled the same as the mix tape “Those Who Wait” with some heartfelt lyrics which says it all in the title that good things truly come to those who wait.

“Take your time. So I’m waiting, cause I know I’m gonna be. Next in line. To claim my prize and be all that I wanna be.”

With no doubt comparisions to smooth crooner Robin Thicke has to be made when it comes to the high pitch notes Daley hits in the smooth however slightly cheesy “Game Over” about playing the winner and losers game of love.

“You’ve had me under lock and key since the first kiss…I’m playing for you, I’m on your side”

But to follow, teaming up with the former Floetry songstress Marsha Ambrosius in the spine tingling duet “Alone Together” we witness two of some of smoothest vocals come together to create something magical along the strong heart pumping beat where you can feel the true meaning of not wanting to “be alone together” through each and every verse. And you know Marsha definetly played a strong contender in tingling vocals battle in this duet.

However not forgetting Daley’s beautiful rendition of Maxwell’s biggest hit to date “Pretty Wings (Acoustic)” acoustically sang to its purest form, his raw soulful vocals capture the essence of the song along to the slight strums of the guitar. Can I say this must be one of the best versions I have heard of the Maxwell hit.

Though showing off his song writing skills in two of the most powerful tracks on the EP to a punchy beat and the balladly keys “Smoking Gun” and “Spent” with metaphors of meaning more than what meets the eye about reaching that last tether in a relationship, you can’t help but imagine that Daley is talking down to experience; something some artists are unable to do.

“You say that you don’t feel anything at all. But now you going to feel in your heart. Like a bullet in your chest.” (Smoking Gun)

“You see me now. With nothing more to give you. You broke the bank, I’m broken hearted to” (Spent)

Definetly giving us a taste of what he can do vocally and lyrically, the EP is not all drear with some balance with the slightly up tempo Harry Love Remix of the Gorrillaz “Doncamatic” which himself had co-written to the ecclectic edgy plea on giving up on fighting for a dead end love in “Let It Go”

“I’ve had enough of chasing remnants of this love. Its like chasing swallows in the dark”

After a listen or two, you can’t help but praise Daley for his first attempt of an EP finishing it off with the Madonna classic “Like a Virgin”.

Daley’s acoustic interpretation of the Virgin’s anthem with some kicking guitar strumming and them sensual turning soulful notes with the ability to sing his heart out shows Daley’s capability to turn anything into a unique piece of work.

By Tajha Myer-Ferreira

Daley - Those Who Wait

Tantalizingly soulful UK talent Daley finally drops his anticipated debut mixtape [really, an album to my ears], aptly titled Those Who Wait

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