Waiting Room

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

3 Sep 2012

Usually if you heard Mixtape Madness were ‘Going Down South’ you’d naturally think of a Krept & Konan, Yungen and Chip track but on this occasion Mixtape Madness went down to the Lost Theatre to watch the eagerly awaited ‘Waiting Room.’ That’s right life’s deeper than just a mixtape at times (we are cultured too), initially I must say with such an open ended title I couldn’t guess what to anticipate. With Twitter messages such as….

We were left with no real clues of what to expect, except that there would be 6 individuals (doesn’t take a genius). Nevertheless we are no strangers to productions by the up and coming talented collective known as Stepping Stonez (@SteppingStonez) after watching nearly a year ago an awesome production they put on called ‘Misidentity.’

Back to the script, without revealing too much we felt as if the stage was well set, a bit busy with the number of performers but the story fell into shape quite quickly. There was a good array of different personalities portrayed throughout the characters, and for us one character who we could identify with and was definitely the type of guy who would have been welcoming Giggs back home on twitter recently (Say No More). The one critique we must say is that we felt once we grasped the concept it did become predictable and with such a difficult concept being illustrated it was difficult to show the maturing of characters in such a short time span. Nevertheless, the cast did well (although the shadows were a bit weird… it’ll make sense once you watch it), it was very entertaining and we look forward to the next production, hopefully accompanied with a MIXTAPE!

If your interested in heading down south to see the production, visit HERE or call 08444 77 1000. The Waiting Room will show from 1st – 16th September