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By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

28 Apr 2015

Fulltimerz member and Croydon representative Yung Reeks has made a healthy return to the scene. Yung Reeks is a reminder of what the scene has been missing recently. It was only five months ago when Yung Reeks released “I’m Back”, a hard hitting banger that confirmed his return to the UK Rap scene. The track received a lot of positive feedback and excitement that Yung Reeks is back on the road, which proved Yung Reeks, is here to make the rap game a bit more interesting. Ever since then he has done exactly that and his work rate has been undeniable.

Within a matter of months Yung Reeks illustrated his work rate, managing a hectic schedule having a Westwood Crib Session alongside Wholagun and Bully, and the release of the mixtape ‘September’s Round The Corner’. The Croydon rapper has been dubbed one of the hardest and with accomplishing so much in the last few months of 2014, we can only expect bigger things for 2015. Now we have ‘Ambition

There is much more to Yung Reeks to just making street anthems and speaking on life on the road. This is demonstrated in his latest mixtape ‘Ambition’ which was released on his birthday. Ambition strays away from the music that gets you fully hyper and gassed, to music that is more motivational as Yung Reeks opens up about his ambition with this 15 track mixtape.

The mixtape does not boast a heavy selection of features as this mixtape seems to be a personal account of his life as opposed to previous mixtapes. Features include: Bully, Reeko, Dukus and Shorta. Yung Reeks proves that many features are not essential for a great sounding mixtape.

The mixtape begins with the “Intro”, a sentiment from a few iconic individuals including: Will Smith, Napoleon Hill and Eric Thomas, each providing a snippet of becoming successful and accomplishing your goals. The overall theme of ambition is implemented within the tape and the direction of the mixtape is evident.

This is followed by “Till We’re All Good” as Yung Reeks gives you an insight into his life and being one step ahead of the opposition. Despite minor shortcomings, Yung Reeks is still following his dreams and won’t stop until he has made it.
The sound of ‘Ambition’ is instantly relatable as Yung Reeks still manages to rap that heat whilst preserving the real message behind it. Tracks like “Frozen”, “Lord Knows” and “Choices” are tracks that demonstrate the story telling capabilities of Yung Reeks as he gives us nothing but raw emotion in this mixtape.

“Hunger Wish You Well” stood out for the integrity of the track. It is a very intimate track on the mixtape as Yung Reeks’ discusses the tale of growing up, trouble at home and incarceration. Notable lines include: “Should have been in the house, but staying indoors was a problem/I left my house at 19, by that time I was on one/Mum overdosed and the shit kind of turned her crazy”, which is a true reflection of honesty and real life heartache. The track makes a transition halfway in and we get back to the hunger with a more upbeat sound.

Yung Reeks still brings back the same aggressive energy and fire that made him so popular across the UK with tracks like “Telepathic” featuring Bully and “Levels” which are real street bangers, proving Yung Reeks can switch it up to cater to any listener.
Yung Reeks has made a tape that will have a lasting impression in the UK Rap scene for acknowledging the importance of ambition and striving for success. The mixtape proved to be a pleasant surprise and only shows the development of Yung Reeks as an artist. ‘Ambition’ is more relatable and has achieved the initial purpose of being more than just a tape for the streets, but a tape for a variety of listeners with an aim, a goal and ambition.

Favourite Track: Hunger Wish You Well

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Written by Mixtape Madness’ newest blogger:

Tariq Peters (@Explicit LDN)

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