Show Review: Clavish Shines Bright In Star-Studded Tour Finale

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

28 Apr 2023

Wednesday night saw the final date of Clavish’s ‘Rap Game Awful’ Tour at O2 Academy Islington. The Stamford Hill native managed to pull out all the stops with a star-studded lineup featuring some of the biggest names in UK Rap as he brought down the curtain to the tour finale in style.

After an opening performance from Kirky to liven up the crowd, Clavish announced himself to the sold out crowd with a performance of ‘Rap Game Awful’. The rapper connected with the crowd instantly and breezed through the first segment of the show, growing in confidence after every song. It was clear that his latest mixtape really resonated with his core fanbase, as tracks like ‘Rocket Science’ and ‘Sold Out Dates’ got the crowd jumping. It was also refreshing to see Clavish try something different with his live performance of ‘Traumatised’, as he called upon live violin instrumentation to amplify the track.

It was at this point that the rapper was able to create a stellar run of guest appearances to take the energy of the show to another level. Fredo was the first to arrive, smoothly rapping his verse on ‘Monday to Sunday’, before Mostack ignited the crowd with his cameo on ‘Can’t Style Me’. It was then the turn of Tiggs Da Author, who delivered a slick performance of ‘Roll With A G’, before the main event of the evening occurred as Youngs Teflon, Tiny Boost, and Rimzee arrived to perform ‘Four Of Us’. This was the highlight of the event, with the track being reloaded three times. Each performer brought a different skill-set and complemented Clavish well, elevating the show overall.

Despite the heavy list of features, Clavish was also able to show that he could get the crowd on side on his own. His execution of ‘Greece’ and ‘Public Figure’ were some of the standout moments from his set, and demonstrate that the rapper can grow into an elite stage presence as his career continues. The tour finale therefore was a fitting celebration of Clavish’s successes in his career so far, and showed promise for his ability to produce consistent star performances as he matures as an artist.