Creative Gen UK Taps Lady Sanity For New ‘CGpresents’ Interview Series Hosted By Ebz

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

25 Jul 2021

Constantly working to revamp their current ‘CGpresents’ series, created to provide a platform to support rising artists throughout the country – Creative Gen UK launch brand new interview series offering a wider sense of exposure.

Hosted by Music and Entertainment content figure Ebz, CGUK invite thriving Birmingham artist Lady Sanity down for a chat tapping in to all things music! With an innovative conceptual fusion of a live performance and a laid-back yet informative interview, Ebz takes a deeper, more conversational approach into the heights of Lady Sanity’s career so far.

Delivering an engaging live performance of her highly admired single ‘”L.O.V.E”, audiences are presented with an enjoyable watch, reflective of CGUK’s new and improved set up!

Check out episode 1 of “CGpresents” with Lady Sanity and Ebz above.