REVIEW: “My Neighbours Don’t Know”, M Huncho At The Outernet

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

22 Oct 2023

Words by James Woodham
Photography by Joe Baker

M Huncho performed his recent album “My Neighbours Don’t Know” to a large crowd at Outernet in Soho on October 17th

M Huncho opened the show just after 9 p.m. with the crowd instantly putting lights in the air and giving him a homely welcome to his first performance in a long time. The stage design of the interior of a suburban home almost mirrored his album cover and the theme he tried to portray throughout the rollout of the project. 

In such a comfortable-looking space, he performed with quite a meticulous carnage, bringing noise and the sound he is most known for to a new place. This was his first performance at Outernet, but not his first performance in front of some of the fans. They showed energy and excitement and knew his new songs word for word despite the album not being out for long. 

His first guest was Slim who he later told us was incarcerated on the morning of his London show of the Utopia tour back in 2019. This moment was a great welcome home for Slim after his 2-year term and he performed his verse from “Any Minute” to the capacity of 2000.

His next guest was Nafe Smallz and they performed a handful of songs together, similar to Nafe Smallz’s headline performance at KOKO last month. 

He closed the show with a speech showing solidarity with everyone struggling, in particular the situation in Palestine. “You already know where I stand,” he tells the crowd before saying “Free Palestine”.  It was great for him to address what seems to be the elephant in any room you walk in as of recent with the most humane answer. For the night to close on a somewhat bittersweet moment of togetherness and reflection was special and important in times like this.