Show Review: Lil Tecca Gives Vibrant Kentish Town Performance On The ‘Tecca Loves You Tour’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

25 Oct 2022

Lil Tecca shut down Kentish Town last Thursday with an electric, five star performance. The New York rapper played a selection of his biggest songs to an adoring audience and commanded the stage with his energy and presence throughout. 

The legendary DJ Semtex got the crowd jumping in anticipation of Tecca’s arrival, playing an assortment of Hip-Hop classics with some more contemporary Trap-Wave sounds. At this point, the stage was set for Tecca to announce himself to the London crowd, and he did in style with a wild light show and vibrant performance.

The rapper has built up a core following who were out in full force at the O2 Forum. The show was previously cancelled due to COVID restrictions so there was a huge roar when Tecca hit the stage as the weight of anticipation dissipated. After every track performed there was a sea of love hearts made by the fans with their hands, a reference to the ‘Tecca Loves You Tour’ name.

It was impressive to see an artist look be so engaging with his audience through his performances, as well as maintaining a comfortable yet high octane stage presence. Tracks like ‘LOT OF ME’, and ‘CHOPPA SHOOT THE LOUDEST’ sent the crowd into a frenzy, while Tecca closed the show with his most recognised song, ‘Ransom’, that cemented the evening as a memorable one for all who attended. 

At just 20 years of age, Lil Tecca is an artist who is already close to mastering the art of performing. All too often it can be the case that the artist does not know how to work an audience or command a stage, which can lead to shows which are flat and uninteresting. Tecca however brought energy in abundance and coupled with an impressive light show, managed to keep his audience in the palm of his hand at all times. As the rapper continues his European Tour, he will be an artist that continues to shine the more he connects with his core fan base.