Show Review: ‘In The Loop’ With South-East London’s Pioneer, DC

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

10 Sep 2021

An asset to South-East London; an artist with pioneering qualities that truly shine a light on his talent and the underground scene. The character in question who fits this profile is In The Loop’s mastermind, DC.

Filling up the Camden Assembly hall in North-West London, created the perfect, inner-circle atmosphere to celebrate the rapper’s introspective project, which successfully merges important themes into Funky, Hip-Hop and Drill-Esque alternative productions; forming the foundation of an extremely distinct sound that DC manipulates with his gruff, monosyllabic voice as he weaves his bars into the sonics of the production.  Along with well-equipped collaborator TSB, the duo most definitely drove In The Loop in the right direction, fitting each other’s artistry snuggly.

Lead tracks include Neighbourhood and Bobby&Rowdy (featuring Knucks) which have done numbers in terms of streams, and a lot for people apart of the culture that enjoys this style of music. On the day of performance, DC shelled the show set with his humble, perfectionist-like stage presence; bringing the crowd together to bump every one of his notable works. 

His Gleaming freestyle was a standout performance; a very raw cut that creatively fuses a Grime-like “wheel-up” style of instrumental, with a greazy tempo. It was definitely ahead of its time when released during “the Soundcloud days,” as referenced by DC whilst addressing the crowd before performing it. The freestyle’s sound has aged flawlessly, and it left many in awe as to when he finds the time to take a breath between each bar. 

Having had the chance to catch up with the South-East London native, here’s how he responded to the following questions:

How has your artistic approach changed/evolved from Rush through to In The Loop?

With ‘In The Loop’ I took my time, not that I didn’t with ‘Rush’ but I just felt like I’ve grown a lot since those days, and its reflected in my content and the theme throughout the tape.

What has your most recent project done for you, and is there any part of its creation that you would have approached differently?

It feels good to have this project out, as I said I feel like the message I wanted to get across, connected with the listeners which was the most important thing. ivermectina laboratorio chile

Finally, is this your first time performing in front of an audience since lockdown restrictions ended? If so, how do you feel?

Yeah it actually is. COVID has been a weird one but I feel like this was the perfect timing and everything aligned really well for me. It’s given the fans a good enough time to live with the music, and maybe pick their favourites. It’s also a day after my birthday, so its all mad how everything worked out.

In The Loop’s underlying theme focuses on paranoia, a subject DC spoke on, to give listeners a detailed perspective of what was going through his mind at the time he was inspired to create the body of work, and it even got me thinking what paranoia means to me. In my own words, I’d best describe it as the fine line between the false reality triggered by anxiety, and the reality of a gut instinct.  It takes a lot to distinguish if paranoia is there to mess with you or tell you something, but fear and intuition seem to have a psychological, symbiotic relationship when it comes to this feeling. One feeds off the other, where in some cases it is “just in your head” whilst in others, it’s your body’s way of revealing a truth.

The show concluded with a laid-back DJ set and the artist making time to meet with the faces who showed out to show support; a perfect way to give thanks. DC undeniably set levels with this piece of art, executing it beautifully both on streaming platforms, and in the flesh. como tomar la ivermectina en tableta He’s doing conscious different and his artist etiquette is admirable. ivermectin for dogs best price  

If you didn’t know about DC until now, one thing is guaranteed: you won’t regret stepping into his world and joining him on his journey.