The Block Report: Is U.K. Drill An Offshoot Of Grime?

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

11 Jan 2021

Of course, we couldn’t let you digest the latest Block Report episode without providing a breakdown. Our host poses a question that is often discussed within the scene, and that is whether the Drill genre is a direct offshoot of the Grime genre, pioneered by Wiley.

Do you know much about rappers being censored by police or PA Salieu’s recent win? Forward to the show’s hot topics segment to stay in the loop with all that’s happening in British music, so early into the new year!

Have you plugged into any of Flashy Sillah’s hot music picks? Take in some of the selection below and, remember, the full spill is in the video above!

“Pull Up” – Bookey

“WW2” – Unknown T

“Ahlie” – OFB IzzPot, Bandokay & Double Lz

“Birds Are Chirping” – D Block Europe

“Yuk” – Snipez

“Hood Healing” – Sea1 x Milly

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