LaRose with Lidor Sai [@LASHAWNAROSE] [@LIDORSAI]

Lashawna Rose Stewart

By Lashawna Rose Stewart

Lashawna Rose Stewart

3 Jan 2016


“I’ve always been into music, I don’t exactly know what made me want to pursue music as a profession, but I guess some people are just born with this music bug.” … LIDOR SAI is a 20 year old singer, songwriter. He was born and raised in Israel but currently resides in Los Angeles USA, pursing his music career.

I came across Lidor Sai on Instagram, here I watched his videos and was completely blown away by his sound. Beyond intrigued and highly mesmerised I contacted Lidor Sai and was able to set up an interview.

First I asked Lidor Sai to describe himself in 3 words, his reply was “Who I Am”. Straight to the point, strong and confident, I always admire an artist who knows exactly who they are and are not ashamed to state it.

Lidor Sai then let me know that he began singing at the age of two. “I don’t remember it but my mom said that I started singing before I even knew how to talk”, When listening to Lidor Sai you are able to hear his control in his range and exquisiteness in his tone. Knowing that Lidor Sai has been singing for many years could be the ultimate explanation for why he is so talented. Not only is Lidor Sai a singer but in fact he is a songwriter first. He expressed his view on songwriting to me stating that the music industry is overflowed with a huge amount of great and talented singers that do not have good songs or anything true to sing about, I agree completely. Lidor Sai says “Before you use your voice make sure you have something to say”

Of course I had to ask Lidor Sai why he decide to start writing his own music. As there are many extremely talented songwriters in the industry who don’t sing and simply create a living from writing music for artists. Lidor Sai verbalised to me that songwriting is used as an outlet for him, enabling him to express all the words and feelings that he is unable to say in a daily conversation; “Some people feel comfortable talking about their feelings and emotions I feel more comfortable writing them down and singing them”. I personally love knowing that an outlet is related to someone greatest passion, being able to do something that not only helps you but also moulds you into the person you are is beautiful.

We then continued on and spoke about what Lidor Sai is bring to the music industry. Bringing his individuality and himself Lidor Sai believes that every individual has a different style, desire, background and point of view for audiences to love and listen to. With this reply, I then asked Lidor Sai about which genre would he place his music. “Electronic Pop with a lot of R&B. EDM and classic rock elements”, with a great amount of comparisons to Depeche Mode and Ed Sheeran comined.

“As an artist I get all my inspiration from the people around me: family, friends, teachers, lovers. That’s why I’m trying to surround myself with people that make my feel different things. Not necessarily people that I love but most importantly people that bring different emotions and feelings out of me. Like: love, hate, frustration, disappointment. I want to make sure that I feel different things so I can write about them.” – Lidor Sai

Lidor Sai voiced to me that he is not a big talker and doesn’t always talk about what he feels, however with his music he is able to completely open up, because there are no boundaries and no trying to hide when it comes to his sound. “I think that the people who listen to my songs can feel it”.

Lidor Sai’s coming EP ‘HEART ON A PAPER’ is so far his biggest project that he has ever worked on. Which includes 4 song; 2 ballads and 2 EDM electro-pop songs, the tracks are focused around heart break and other feelings and emotions. The EP does not include an features, just the amazing sounds of Lidor Sai himself.‘Heart on a paper’ was the name of a song that was going to be part of the EP, eventually he ended up taking the song out but decided to keep the name as the EP title, simply because its describes best what people are going to be listening to…I’m super excited to become a listener of ‘Heart on a paper’

Whilst wrapping up the interview I wanted to find out what Lidor Sai’s future goals and aspirations were for the future. He said, “My ultimate goal is to become a famous singer-songwriter I want my music to touch as many people’s hearts as possible. I want people to feel connected to my music and the stories I sing about”. When listening to music, feeling connected to the sound and understanding the stories and topics that the artist is singing about is very important for me and many other listeners. I believe that Lidor Sai’s ultimate goal is definitely reachable and that his music will be an extreme impact on his listeners hearts.


“I fell in love with music yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and the day before the day before yesterday. I fall in love with music every single day.”