The 2019 BET Awards Keeps Nipsey’s Marathon Alive

Martin Ofori

By Martin Ofori

Martin Ofori

25 Jun 2019

“Damn, I wish my n*gga Fatts was here. How you die thirty somethin’ after banging all them years? Grammy nominated, in the sauna sheddin’ tears. All this money, power, fame and I can’t make you reappear but I don’t wipe ’em though. We just embrace the only life we know If it was me, I’d tell you, n*gga, live your life and grow, I’d tell you, finish what we started, reach them heights, you know? Gas the V-12 to the pipe and smoke.”

These are the lyrics from Nipsey Hussle’s hit single ‘ Racks In The Middle’ which eerily resonated with me all over again, except this time “Fatts” could be exchanged for “Nip”, as i watched Ermias ‘Nipsey Hussle’ Asghedom’s queen of a mother lead his family onto the stage at the 2019 BET Awards. A spectacular 2019 BET Awards ceremony began with Nipsey’s memory being honoured, by the entire famous red carpet being turned Nipsey blue.

Nipsey’s mother Angelique Smith led the charge for him as she accepted his humanitarian award on his behalf with such strength and grace, that you couldn’t help but be inspired despite the hollow and regretful feeling that he wasn’t there to accept it himself. King Nip was also able to bag the award for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist on a memorable night for his family. These awards truly kept his memory alive and kicking as they reminded us of the surface he was just about beginning to scratch. Watch how Angelique Smith, Lauren London, Samantha Smith and the rest of the attending Hussle clan kept the marathon alive and kicking in the video below.