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Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

19 Jan 2015

Happy New Year Love Loungers!
Please allow me to welcome back Love Lounge! & introduce our next rendition of showcases ‘#ValentinesEdition’ to be held on Sunday the 15th of February at Plan B in Brixton.
Love Lounge is “more than an event, it’s an experience!” a night comprising of live music, comedy, thought-provoking Spoken word, a networking segment, followed by an after party, guaranteed to “bring love and people together through entertainment”.

#ValentinesEditon will be hosted by MoTheComedian (@MoTheComdian) then accompanied by a line-up of live performances featuring Shan Smile (@ShanSmileMusic), Omar (@omarlyefookMBE), and YJ (@TheLifeOfYJ). Comedy and Blind Date will be hosted by none other than KGthaComedian (@KGthaComedian) and the House band will be directed by the one and only MckNasty (@MckNastyMusic), with music provided by DJ Larizzle (@DJLarizzle).

Doors open at 7pm! Show starts at 8pm followed by an after party from 11pm till late for more information and tickets please visit: https://shoobs.com/events/5851/love-lounge-valentine-edition
Disclosure: “It’s more than an event, it’s an experience!”

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