23 Drillas’ Smuggzy’Ace & S.White Joins Kenny Allstar In New Mad About Bars Freestyle

Kings Media

By Kings Media

Kings Media

7 May 2018

They just keep moving up the ranks…
Having kicked off the year with their ‘Next Up’ freestyle which has over 1.5 million views, 23 Drillas’ Smuggzy’Ace & S.White are back to do more numbers as they join Kenny Allstar in new Mad About Bars freestyle.

There’s no doubt that the group are putting the birmingham drill scene on the map with their consistency this year.

The flow and delivery is cold and the beat is exceptional – all thanks to BKAY once again.

The group has been very active with their releases this year. Just over a week ago, SmuggzyAce dropped Gunpowder Freestyle on Pressplay.

Still haven’t had the time to watch their Next Up freestyle, be sure to check it out here.