A2 Serves Holographic Visuals For ‘Akolades’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

4 Apr 2021

South London’s A2 is continuing his streak in the game by serving viewers holographic visuals for his latest single, ‘Akolades’.

The video pictures A2 driving through different parts of London city; making use of a slow, rotational angle that shows day blending into night, placing emphasis on his lyric “I’m in the coupe in the night and I blend in”. This trippy, hallucinogenic moving image (directed by Ben X) is built on colour bursts, colour-inversion and qualities of retro-futurism intended for viewers – much like the rapper and his companions – to lose track of time.

A2 takes off with an impeccable flow; fusing his chilled delivery into a heavenly, deep-bass instrumental; accompanied by paranormal sonics and distorted adlibs. An alternative feel is created from the hybridisation of R&B and Trap sounds in the track’s production, which is on par with A2’s style of delivery; setting him apart on the scene, and truly demonstrating to audiences why he deserves his ‘Akolades’

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