Aitch has arrived with visuals for cold new single entitled “Raw”

Manny’s golden boy has returned and he’s not playing any games!

May 21, 2020 Rehana Harmony

The 0161 superstar, has rolled through with a “Raw” and lively track that will delight his OG fanbase.

In this one, Aitch steers clear of his much loved, feel-good radio hits. To enter unmarked territory by setting forth straight rhymes, over an eerie drill-inspired backdrop.

During, he makes sure to let us know that he’s levelled up. The MC exudes extreme confidence throughout, as he challenges other artists, who he feels aren’t as real as you may think they are. 

Visually, director Kc Locke sets the tone by using monochromatic frames to match the instrumentals dark and mysterious style. While the rapper projects high-energy and performs his lyrics. 

View the visuals for Raw up top!