Bam Bam makes fire return with ‘Live This’


By Sulay


3 Feb 2019

Bam Bam has just unveiled the visuals to his latest track, ‘Live This’– and it doesn’t disappoint!

If you enjoy, or can relate to, music that has deep meaning, and honest expression, then you should listen to Bam Bam. His authenticity is felt through his music, making listeners connect with his raw emotion. Known for dope tracks such as ‘Ignorance’, the rapper is back with another one, this time entitled ‘Live This’.

‘Live This’ is an honest, and refined, track that sees Bam Bam share his truths, through skilled lyricism. The artist doesn’t hold back, and his passionate delivery, alongside the amplified sound of the guitar, allows him to convey his message clearly.

Bam Bam is talented, and he has a story to tell. A story that many will be able to relate to. ‘Live This’ is a great track, which showcases the artists abilities, and we look forward to hearing more of his work throughout the year!

You can watch the full video down below now.