Beanie Sigel Confronts Charlamagne @ The Breakfast Club


By Annelle


13 Oct 2016

The beef between The Game and Meek Mill took the Hip-Hop industry by storm. The two went back and forth on Instagram taking shots at each other, and even releasing diss tracks.  Read more here.

The situation escalated when Philly rapper Beanie Sigel jumped on the diss track alongside Omelly and Meek Mill. Well it seems as though Beanie Sigel and Meek Mill are now feuding, after Beanie was sucker punched by a member of The DreamChasers (Meek Mill’s Camp). Watch full video here.

Beanie stopped by The Breakfast Club to tell his side of the story about the on-going feud. Charlamagne wasted no time in expressing his opinion of Beanie releasing a diss track towards Meek, after working with Meek Mill prior to the diss track.

“You’re sounding like a hater lately,” Charlamagne began.

Sigel replied that Charlamagne isn’t familiar with the particulars of Sigel’s beef with Meek and is not qualified to ask questions about it, or call him a hater. Check out the full interview above: