Beat The Clock Challenge: Ghosty Sets The Bar

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

21 Feb 2021

In partnership with Adidas Originals, Mixtape Madness puts our scene’s beatmakers to the ultimate test of creativity. The new series, ‘Beat The Clock’, is fittingly hosted by prominent producer and cultural commentator, Prod By Walkz.

How would your favourite producer perform with a single sample and a 10-minute time frame? Who knows, and this is what the innovative game show is all about!

Kicking off the first episode with Ghosty is a recipe for big vibes and success. Taking his pick at the given samples, the producer-for-the-stars shows us how he makes his digital magic and we’re given plenty of access. Known for his menacing beats, Ghosty capitalises on his signature 808s and similar for a speedy masterclass on executing classic drill beats.

Watch above for Walkz’ – aka drill’s Simon Cowell – verdict, and plug into exclusive interviews with the culture’s hottest engineers here!