Behind The Beats With UK Drill Producers MKThePlug & M1OnTheBeat

Kings Media

By Kings Media

Kings Media

30 May 2018

We went behind the beats with two of the UK’s top drill producers MKThePlug & M1OnTheBeat – both hailing from East London and North London respectively.

These two have been the producers of some of the hardest tracks to come out recently and theirs no doubt that they’re in line to win the producers of the year award.

According to the MKThePlug, the top three songs he produced are –
RV & Headie – How Many
Zone 2 – Sticks & Stones
K Trap – Mad About Bars

For M1OnTheBeat, the top three songs he produced are –
Headie One – The One
Monkey Dimzy & Headie One – Different Sorts
Loski – Money & Beef

The Top three songs they produced together are –
CB – Take That Risk
Headie One – Golden Boot
Loski – Fire In The Booth