Brent Faiyaz Makes His Highly Awaited Return With “Dead Man Walking”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

18 Sep 2020

Critically acclaimed artist, Brent Faiyaz, has returned to our screens with a highly awaited single titled, Dead Man Walking.

Taking to social media just a few hours before it’s release, Brent Faiyaz posted the single cover with the caption ‘Tonight’, sending fans wild and waiting eagerly for the drop. Kick starting the track with an eerie, suspense-filled and alternative instrumental, Brent laces the beat with his instantly-recognizable tone and layers a contagious hook; “You can do what you wanna (What you wanna) / Live, how you wanna / Spend, what you wanna / Be, who you wanna be / A young stunner (Stunner) / ‘Til I D-I-E”. It’s rare you hear a bad song from Brent – infact almost impossible, it’s safe to say he hasn’t missed!

Listen to Dead Man Walking above.