Cadet – Letter To Krept [Music Video]


By Annelle


31 Aug 2016

The Underrated legend is back! Cadet pens an open letter to his blood cousin Krept with his latest track “Letter To Krept.”

Cadet teased fans on his snapchat by releasing short trailers of the visuals. Well fans were surely impressed with the open letter to Krept, as it was trending on Twitter:


The song focuses on the different emotions Cadet faced during his journey into the Rap scene, and it’s toll it had on their relationship as Cousins, with emotive lines such as “When I say I do music they always comparing the kid,” and “Why didn’t donny bring you in?”

Check out the Video here :

After a sold out show back in March, Cadet will be headlining in 02 islington on September 27th, you can get tickets here.