CBIZ Is a Free Man!!


By Annelle


21 Jun 2016

After being in jail, Cbiz has taken to Instagram to show the world that he is a free man. His immediate release from prison did not stop the rapper showing off his £R lifestyle, as you can see from his Instagram post that he already has a new car. Check it out below:


Now we all remember the incident regarding Nines and Cbiz, after some speculation that the two had bad blood. Nines confirmed that the two were feuding by posting a video which is believed to be after they had robbed Cbiz’s jewellery.

The situation got worse as days after the alleged robbery, a man from Harlesden was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. Well people quickly speculated that Cbiz was involved in the shooting, and well it seemed as though the police caught wind of this and the rapper was arrested.

This whole situation was a few months ago, and now the rapper is a free man. We can’t wait for some new £R music.