Central Cee shows us his here to stay in all-new Mad About Bars.

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

16 Aug 2020

Central Cee has carved a clear pathway to stardom this year, by hitting us with his infectious street bumpers. And today, the rising rapstar is back to show us that he certainly isn’t a double-hit wonder in his Mad About Bars debut.

An evident fine tuning in his artistry saw him go from serving his popular hit single ‘Running Man’ – a catchy trap wave record. To supplying the streets with a more mature and hardcore display of his lyrical dexterity in the form of his first entry of the decade, entitled ‘Day In The Life.’

Doubling down on his sharp wordsmith and lived-in subject matter for the freestyle; Central’s pen flows fluidly as he draws up his realest rhymes about his gritty past, promising present and exciting future.

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