Check out these Australians spitting fire on a Grime set


By Sulay


24 Nov 2018

With British music thriving, a recent common practice has seen other nations provide their own take on what is seen as UK music. Triple J, a radio broadcasting platform in Australia recently curated a grime cypher, showcasing some of its finest emcees so partake in a display of rap talent over a number of 140bpm grime type beats.
As a genre, grime has not always been the most accepted in mainstream society. Often condemned for its origins, lyrical content and overall aesthetic, the last few years have seen a shift in the way grime has been viewed. With the success of UK rap music as a whole within the national charts, people have become more accepting and receptive to grime, which has seen its culture spread not only to different areas within the UK, but all over the world.
Triple J invited some of the best rappers in the country, such as Hazrd, Scotty Hinds and Fraksha to exhibit some of their own skills, with the hopes of reaching a more global audience. Within the cypher, we see the emcees dressed accordingly, in 5 panel caps and identifiable sportswear brands and at times using familiar London slang in their attempts to pay homage to the genre which was created in the East side of London.
Check out the likes of Fraksha and Hazrd on Triple J’s Australian grime cypher down below.