Chel Returns With Brand New Afro R&B Anthem “Push My Buttons”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

12 Aug 2020

Following the success of her latest single Call, Chel returns with a brand new single Push My Buttons solidifying her presence across the UK R&B scene. 

Hailing from North London, Chel is an artist who infuses R&B with pop and Afro-pop sounds to bring a distinguished and unique touch to the genre. Push My Buttons walks us through the toughest and most bittersweet times of a relationship, painting a clear and vivid image of the heartbreaking pits while passionately highlighting why she just can’t let go – relatable for many!

Delivered alongside a captivating visual, Chel shows us what it really means to be painfully in love while we take a deeper dive into the relationship.

Watch the visuals for Push My Buttons above.