Chip unleashes two dangerous new freestyles entitled “Flowers” & “Killer MC.”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

8 Oct 2020

Chip has dropped off two fierce releases titled “Flowers” & “Killer MC.”  

Pulling no punches in the lyricism department, Chip continues to showcase the extent of his wordsmith; while finding witty ways to articulate his thoughts on his new found feud on “Flower”. To going in, all guns blazing in the second cut that houses crazy verses that will, if you didn’t think so already, prove he is in fact a “Killer MC.” 

The rapper is known for creating legendary moments, due to hit songs with huge artists overseas and beefs that have gone down in history. And, we suspect that this will be another one of those occasions.

While the scene divides, to debate who’s the best MC why not check out both cuts to make up your own opinion!