Controversial – DATS A WRAP – Christmas Special

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

25 Dec 2011

On Friday night with my cup of Ovaltine and hard dough bread, I snuggled with the misses and had just finished watching Love and Basketball I mean ‘Rolling with the Nines’.

Anywho after that at 11pm we flicked over to Channel AKA to watch the Christmas Special – Dats Wrap Show. Usually me and the misses agree on quite a bit but thanks to this show we almost came to blows (no domestic violence).

Here is why, first and foremost we disagreed over the 5 best lines of this year, that Poet picked out!!! Brother clearly didn’t listen to Sway still speeding, DVS, Joe Black, G-Frsh “Woman” or Manga but J Spades #itsamadness I can’t lie

5. “Same gal we run through, same gal you treat nice” – J Spades – Hustle Hard

4. “I spent £6 on my white and £30,000 on my chain” – Chipmunk – Hustle Hard

3. “Money on my brain 24 7, I got one sick (6) 8 like 24 (x) 7, get the calculator out and go back to the last sentence, get the calculator out (what did he just say) LEGEND” – Krept – OTIS Remix

2. “Bought me Cartier, the estate agent told me I be late, when I turned up chucked the suitcase on the floor and told him get off my carpet mate” – Dappy – Tarzan freestyle


Looking forward to hearing that FREEBASE beat and who would duppy it. Little did I know that the second debating session would come as a result. So straight did M.O.D (Man Of the Dreams) deserve to win? The misses (now the ex) said hands down but for me the clash was mad close but Starzy and Bartoven were the true lyrical beasts in that Cypher Finals. Please listen to Bartoven, “..Believe you me, u don’t need Prada, need Louis, u dont need Gucci, if u aint fly u aint fly/ just be you G (B.U.G)”. So we asked for my brother Max Madness’ opinion and he straight said “shame on both of you for not rating Dusty”… so people what do you think??? Let us know…